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Kanye West Vs Amber Rose: She Loves To Brag That She Dominated Him In The Bedroom

Wed, January 27, 2016 9:38pm EDT by 9 Comments

Looks like Twittersphere isn’t the only place where Amber Rose has ‘dominated’ Kanye West! A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Amber has been bragging for years now about how submissive Yeezy used to be in the bedroom with her. The craziest part? She might actually have the photos to prove it!

This fight may have started between Kanye West, 38, and Wiz Khalifa, 28, but it looks like it’s Amber Rose, 32, who is taking charge now! After putting the “Only One” rapper on blast in a totally NSFW tweet in which she claimed he was into some pretty kinky backdoor stuff when they were together, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Amber has actually been bragging for years now about how she used to “dominate” Yeezy in the bedroom — and if he doesn’t watch himself, she might just have to take out the pictures to prove it!

“This is not the first time Amber has made comments about Kanye being submissive in the bedroom,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY about Amber’s diss tweet. “She’s always bragging about how she dominated him in the bedroom. The really crazy part is she might have photos of it. She’s been hinting for years that she has pictures, videos and text messages saved from when she dated Kanye that could humiliate him and Kim [Kardashian]. Amber is very crafty, no one would put it past her from taking pictures of Kanye without him knowing.”

Whether or not these photos and videos see the light of day will depend on if she and Yeezy get into another vicious, drag-out social media brawl. Oddly enough, this whole fight started over Kanye changing his album name from Swish to Waves — no, we’re not kidding. Wiz blasted Kanye for supposedly ripping off rapper Max B’s style, and Kanye fired back with an epic rant for the ages.

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Kanye then pulled Amber into the fray when he slammed Wiz for “let[ting] a stripper trap you.” Needless to say, Amber wasn’t going to let him trash talk her son Sebastian and get away with it. Wasting no time, Amber then took to Twitter to mock Kanye by saying she used to “play in [his] a****ole,” before telling Yeezy that he got “bodied by a stripper n***a.” Dayum — now those are some fighting words!

“Amber loves getting Kanye riled up, she lives for it,” our sourced added. “It makes her feel relevant, she would love to get into a twitter war with him. She is fully aware that the more she can associate herself with any sort of drama related to Kanye and Kim the better.”

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HollywoodLifers, do you think Amber has taken her feud with Kanye too far? Should she be the bigger person in this fight? Sound off below!