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‘Jane The Virgin’: Justin Baldoni Teases ‘Massive’ Rafael Twist & More

Mon, January 25, 2016 3:58pm EDT by Avery Thompson 11 Comments

‘Jane The Virgin’ returns Jan. 25 for all-new season 2 episodes. spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Justin Baldoni about what’s next for Rafael, and he said there’s a ‘massive twist’ no one will see coming!

Get ready for more drama in Rafael’s life when Jane The Virgin returns on Jan. 25. Justin Baldoni teased to EXCLUSIVELY and what’s next for his relationships with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Petra (Yael Grobglas). Prepare to be shocked, Jane The Virgin fans. He said that the first episode back will feature a twist that will change everything!

What’s next for Rafael when the show comes back? 
He’s kind of navigating and figuring the situation out now that he and Jane are adding some distance. He’s obviously exploring and kind of learning how to be a soon-to-be father again for a set of twins, while also trying to figure out how to be a father to Mateo while he’s in love with Mateo’s mom. You have all that fun stuff, and there’s going to be a massive twist at the end of this episode for Rafael that I don’t think anybody will see coming.

Is he feeling overwhelmed? He’s got a lot on his plate.
I think Rafael’s always overwhelmed. He’s getting used to all these things happening and just trying and trying and trying to find the light constantly. Right now, his light is his son. And Jane, to a certain extent. But that may be distancing. He’s looking for the light anywhere he can find it.

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Will he continue to fight for Jane?
I believe he does. I don’t know all the details, but I know Rafael loves Jane. I don’t think he’s ever loved anybody the way that he loves Jane, and I think that’s going to be something we continue to see throughout the series. There’s not anybody that’s ever been a Jane in Rafael’s life.

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How will Petra and Rafael’s relationship evolve this season?
I think we’ll see some flashbacks of when it was love for them. At one time, they were very much in love and they did try and have a baby, except they had a miscarriage. I think that there will be moments where we see what it was about them that worked.

Do you know if Sin Rostro will have a presence in the second half of the season?
Sin Rostro will come up again as she always does. She never goes away.

Describe the second half of the season.

I would say it’s unexpected, dramatic and complicated.

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