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Selena Gomez Felt Awkward Being In ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue With ‘Justin Bieber’

Sun, January 24, 2016 1:49pm EDT by Chris Rogers 21 Comments

Poor Selena Gomez. While her first appearance on ‘SNL’ should have been a momentous occasion on Jan. 23, it was anything but because she was forced to be in the opening monologue with Kate McKinnon, who was impersonating Justin Bieber. She just can’t escape her ex!

Selena Gomez may be sick and tired of talking about her ex, Justin Bieber, but that hasn’t stopped radio stations from playing their songs back to back, or SNL show writers putting her in the Jan. 23 opening monologue with Kate McKinnon as the Biebs. Unfortunately for Selena, she felt really awkward during the skit.

“Selena Gomez felt uncomfortable because she is always connected to Justin Bieber one way or another. But she wanted to be a team player and be a part of the show in any way they wanted. She pretended to be happy when she saw that Kate McKinnon was going to play Justin in the same monologue, but she secretly felt awkward during it and would have rather not have done that part of the show. She overall roughed it out and did it to not look and appear to be a difficult person or diva,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. 

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We feel so bad for Selena. This was her very first appearance on SNL, so it’s a shame that for her very first skit, she was thrown into it with “Justin Bieber.” Girl can’t catch a break. It’s like she caught “Bieber Fever” and now, she’s never getting cured. To watch host Ronda Rousey‘s full monologue, which features appearances by Selena and “Justin,” watch the video above.
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What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did SNL go too far by putting “Justin Bieber” in the monologue with Selena Gomez? Tell us how you feel.