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‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Anna Finally Tells Bates Her Big Secret

Sun, January 24, 2016 10:00pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
downton abbey anna bates pregnant
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This week on ‘Downton Abbey’ Anna has a big scare, and finally tells Bates her secret. Things also seem to be heating up in the romance department for Lady Mary. Read on for our recap!

Downton Abbey seems to be a happier place now that Branson is back. Lady Edith is quick to take the wind out of Mary’s sails as the agent, but Branson isn’t there to take the job away from her — they will share the duties, as Tom also seems eager to find work away from the house.

Gwen, a former servant in the house, made a life for herself as a secretary and returned a married woman — and Barrow is quick to point out her change in status, embarrassing her in front of the family. When she explains how Sybil helped her get a job and created opportunity for her, the tone changes and even Mary seems to get emotional in her honor.

Henry Talbot shows up for dinner and continues to flirt with Mary. He invites her to call on him sometime in London.

Mary and Anna rush off to see the doctor so that Anna doesn’t suffer a miscarriage.

Lord Grantham is complaining of a pain and tries to blame it on the port wine — but before going up the stairs to bed, the pain strikes again. Lady Grantham looks concerned. Join Amazon Prime For Free – WATCH ‘Downton Abbey’ And Stream Thousands of Movies & Shows Anytime

They agree to give the Drewes farm to Mr. Mason, especially since his son served and died for his country. They make the decision while Mary jets off to London. “We don’t have to do everything Mary says,” Edith is quick to point out.

Daisy quickly runs upstairs to confront Lady Grantham, and Lord Grantham tells her the good news — and right before she had a chance to get a word out. She looks pleasantly shocked and surprised.

After squaring everything away with Anna, Mary leaves her for a night out with Henry — and you know she must really like him because she manages to throw on one of Rosamund’s dresses for the date. I guess in the mad dash to save Anna’s baby, she didn’t have time to pack one for herself — she might’ve even dressed herself for the occasion. GASP. Anyway, back to the meal — more flirtation ensues. Stream music, completely unlimited and ad-free, RIGHT HERE

One of the most emotional moments of the episode definitely has to be when Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes return from their honeymoon. When they’re back in the house, Mr. Carson goes to his room for the last time and removes the label from the door. It’s the end of an era — bittersweet but exciting at the same time.