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‘Shannara Chronicles’ Recap: The Evil Changeling Wreaks Havoc On Arborlon

Tue, January 19, 2016 11:00pm EDT by 1 Comment
Shannara Chronicles Changeling
Image Courtesy of MTV

We’re still shaking in our boots from the fourth episode of ‘The Shannara Chronicles’! That terrifying shape-shifting demon that’s been causing trouble in Arborlon took it to a whole other level by framing Eretria for murder and trying to kill Amberle! We have the full recap, here.

That super-creepy Changeling demon is wreaking havoc on Arborlon on the Jan. 19 episode of The Shannara Chronicles, and it’s giving us the willies! This time it shape-shifted into a palace guard, Eritrea (Ivana Baquero) and Wil (Austin Butler), and murdered yet another person! Find out what went down, here.

Guys, things jsut keep getting crazier on The Shannara Chronicles, and we’re obsessed! On Episode 4: Changeling, we had to see a whole hell of a lot of that creepy, shape-shifting demon. But first, Amberle (Poppy Drayton) had to enter the Elcrys. Once inside, the tree puffed some hallucination dust on her face, and she suddenly sees Wil – who tells her she must kill him! After a battle, she does, and it’s tragic. Plus, he tells her she can’t let fear or love distract from the quest.

Finally she gets the seed that she must bring to the Bloodfire to help bring peace to the Four Lands. However there are two problems. First, they have no idea where the Bloodfire, or a city called Stronghold, is. Second, the Changeling knows all of this, and tells the evil Daegda Mor what’s going on. The head demon says the only choice is to kill the princess of Arborlon. Uh oh! When the Changeling snaps out of the trance, it realizes an Elven elder knows he’s not an elf, and kills him.

After all of that, Eritrea breaks into the palace at her fathers orders to steal the elfstones back from Wil. She does this by appealing to his softer side… and then having sex with him! We’re starting to think she actually does care about the half-elf, but she still steals the stones. Meanwhile, Amberle is given an heirloom sword that was her beloved father’s.

Amberle happens to notice Eritrea walking through the palace, and runs after her. While she’s running, the Changeling cuts off Amberle while shape shifting into Eritrea, and tries to stab her! Luckily Bandon saves her, but the Changeling gets away, leaving the real Eritrea to take the brunt of their actions, and a murder charge.

Luckily, Allanon (Manu Bennett) knows how to put Bandon’s gift of knowing how people die to work, and has him read Loren’s mind. When they realize Amberle did it, they figure out it’s been a Changeling all along, and know Eritrea is innocent, (at least of the murder). They then use her as bait for the Changeling and kill it when it comes in Wil’s form to kill Amberle.

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Since Allanon can’t go on the quest, and Eritrea was in one of Amberle’s visions, all three take off to bring the seed to Stronghold. However, Cephalo (James Remar) is hot on their trail, and the Changeling magically came back to life, so we’re sure there’s plenty more danger to come.

HollywoodLifers – what did you think of Jan. 19th’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles? Let us know below.