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8 Expert Tips For Glowing Supermodel Skin In Harsh Winter Weather

Mon, January 18, 2016 12:51pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 1 Comment
winter skin
Courtesy of Instagram

Today the wind chill in NYC is around 10 degrees and that harsh wind and weather is not good for skin. We’ve got tips from an esthetician who works with supermodels like Miranda Kerr below!

Miranda Kerr, 32, always seems to have glowing skin — not an easy task since she is frequently flying around the world in planes with dry air. Combined with the harsh winter we are now having on the east coast, her esthetician is spilling some winter weather secrets for sexy skin like a supermodel.

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Ildi Pekar works with models like Miranda and Lindsay Ellingson and is sharing her skin secrets here:

“1. Don’t skip out on your moisturizer! Creating a protective barrier on your skin can prevent the cold air from drying your skin out. I recommend moisturizing twice daily. Make sure your moisturizer contains nice hydrating ingredients. I also think eye cream is a MUST during the winter since eyes have less oil glands, so you need to make sure to replenish the eye area since it is so fragile. A nice thing to add to your weekly routine is a hydrating mask at home. I also recommend changing your cleanser to a gentler, hydrating one — harsh cleansers leave residue on your skin which can make it even more sensitive and dry.

2. During the winter, I also recommend to start using a lower SPF sun protectant because your skin is not exposed to the sun as often as the other seasons. Using a high percentage of SPF is unnecessary — people are not aware that SPF 15 gives you 94% of protection, SPF 20 is 95%, SPF 25 is 96%, SPF 30 is 97%, and anything over SPF 50 gives you 98% protection. The difference between them all are how natural they are. There are slight differences in the protection ranges but don’t be fooled by the higher number. It could harm you in the long run containing toxic chemicals that preserve and stabilize the product but actually are toxic to your skin. Protect yourself the smart way, use natural sunscreens with lower SPF and apply less during the winter.”

Winter Skin — Skincare Tips For Dry Patches In The Cold

“3. Drink plenty of water and hydrating foods. During the winter, we tend to eat less hydrating foods and eat more carbs that are heavy. Make sure to eat hydrating foods that are water based like celery, carrots, and avocado.

4. Since we lack sun and light during these months, our bodies undergo stress, which affects our sleeping and eating habits. We tend to eat less fresh foods and vegetables during the winter which gives us a lack in vitamins and energy. A great way to reduce stress levels is doing a body detox treatment.

5. Boost your skin with and LED light therapy treatment or even a Vitamin C Facial. Both will deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin D and C which we lack in the winter as well as repair any sun damaged occurred in the summer months. These treatments are safe, painless, and effective! They help boost your skins natural radiance which dulls out during the winter.”

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“6. This is the time of the year to start taking your vitamins as well! This helps boost your skin during the harsh winter.

7. Using a humidifier at home can cancel out your heater drying your skin. You can restore your home with the proper moisture in the air.”

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“8. Exfoliate your body with a natural bristle body brush and exfoliate your face twice a week. This helps get rid of dead skin that cause flakiness and dryness.”

Do you take extra care of your skin in the winter to prevent dry, flaky skin?