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Khloe Kardashian’s 40 Pound Weight Loss: How Lamar Odom Almost Ruined Her Goal

Wed, January 13, 2016 12:33pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 7 Comments
Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss

Khloe Kardashian’s fitness journey was in full swing when her estranged husband Lamar Odom was hospitalized for an overdose. See how she overcame the near tradegy and kept her weight loss goals below.

Khloe Kardashian writes in her book Strong Looks Better Naked that the gym is her therapy, that it’s for her body and her mind. But after Lamar Odom‘s heartbreaking hospitalization, Khloe’s workout routine took a back seat.

“I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand. I feel so good in the gym that it [affects] the rest of my day. It’s a healthy addiction. It’s like buying your sanity!” Khloe told PEOPLE about her 40-pound weight loss.

Khloe Kardashian’s Weight Loss — How Lamar Odom Affected That

After Lamar was rushed to the hospital in October of 2015, Khloe was immediately by his side…and she didn’t leave his room for many weeks.

“Mentally, it took its toll on me. But for the first month, I wasn’t even really thinking about that. It wasn’t about me. But once I started getting my feet back under me a little bit, I was like, oh my God, I need to get back to my routine,” she told PEOPLE.

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After six weeks without her regular workouts, she admits: “my stamina was affected.”

“I do these drills where I’m running and I realized how out of breath I was compared to how I normally was. But I worked so hard to get there, I couldn’t lose it.”

Khloe is now back on her routine, which means four days a week with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. She also watches her diet, but sticks to the notion of everything in moderation.

“I want whatever is quick, so having healthy items available when I’m hungry, there’s no excuse.” Khloe keeps pre-cut fruits and vegetables in her fridge at all times. You know those jars of cookies Khloe has in her kitchen, that you’ve seen on KUWTK? They are rare treats.

“I don’t deprive myself. I’ll still have a piece of cake; I just won’t have two of them!”

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Do you admire Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss? Does she inspire you?