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Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Tom Petty: Everyone Will Still Love My Music In 10 Years

Wed, January 6, 2016 10:08am EDT by 18 Comments

Will Justin Bieber’s music be legendary? He’s not afraid to declare that he thinks so! In a new interview, Justin made quite the bold statement by comparing one of his songs to a classic Tom Petty track. See what he said — and if you agree — below!

After making quite the Purpose-ful comeback, Justin Bieber, 21, is one of the biggest music superstars around. So when it comes to the future, JB has no doubt that people will still be blasting his tunes! In fact, Justin thinks that his music is so timeless, he had no problem comparing himself to one of rock’s greats, Tom Petty!

When Justin sat down for an in-depth interview with The Bert Show, Bert Weiss asked The Biebs if he’s afraid he won’t like Purpose years down the road. But Justin was quick to explain that he’s not afraid at all, because his latest album is one that will last for ages!

“I think that music changes and I think that we all are going to look back and say, ‘That sounds dated,’ but I think what I did on this album is I made songs like — ‘Love Yourself’ is gonna be like ‘Free Fallin.’ In ten years, everyones gonna be like…play that song!”

While we have to admit that we’ll totally be listening to Justin’s songs for years to come, that’s a pretty big assumption for an artist as young as Justin to make. That wasn’t his only bold statement in his Bert Show interview, though — Justin totally slammed One Direction, saying that they don’t have the same longevity that he does!

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“I think people understand and know I was found on YouTube for my talent and not put together on X-Factor or something like that,” Justin said, asserting that it has always been about the music and not the fame for him, unlike singing competition contestants like 1D. Whoa there, Justin, we thought you were buds with the One Direction guys?!

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After realizing his quote probably sounded like a diss, he quickly said, “That’s not a shot or anything!” But considering he didn’t say anything about 1D’s music being as timeless as his, clearly Justin thinks his music will outlast one of his biggest current competitors. Who knows, maybe Justin believes his tunes will be even more classic than Tom’s! Time will only tell, JB!

What do you think of Justin’s Tom Petty statement, HollywoodLifers? Will people still want to listen to his music in 10 years? Tell us what you think below!