Stitches: Rapper Gets Punched In Face Trying To Confront The Game — Watch

Rapper Stitches might be best known for his song ‘Brick In Yo Face’ but a punch to his face is what he got for trying to confront The Game Dec. 3 in Miami. The entire incident was caught on tape, and in the end it was Stitches who ended up behind bars.

Stitches (real name Phillip Katsabanis) was looking to cause some trouble the night of Dec. 3 in his native Miami and boy did he find it! The rapper kept trying to get into a club, but The Game, 36 was inside and wanted to make sure Stitches didn’t get in. Stitches has had a history of trying to get attention by slamming The Game on his social media accounts, and this time he wanted a piece of him in person. But instead he ended up with stitches on his face after getting clocked trying to confront the “I Don’t Like” rapper, and he later wound up behind bars![hl_amazon_ns]

Off duty Miami police officers were on to the fact that Stitches was up to no good, tailing him in his white Porcsche after noticing his car make numerous passes of club where The Game was partying according to TMZ. When they went to make sure he wasn’t trying to pull a drive by, Stitches had already got out of his car and was making his way towards The Game and his entourage as they were leaving. But it was the Miami rapper who ended up in stitches after he got punched in the face by one of The Game’s crew, and the whole incident was caught on video!

Stitches sketchy actions led officers to search his car, where they discovered a small amount of marijuana, earning him a trip to the clink where he was booked for resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants. He also treated us to one of the Join Amazon Prime For Free – Thousands of Movies & Shows Anytime

HollywoodLifers, do you think Stitches finally learned his lesson to stop messing with The Game? Tell us below.