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YouTube Star Sam Pepper Blasted For Kidnapping & Murder Prank Video

Mon, November 30, 2015 5:42pm EDT by 2 Comments

We think we just found the most unfunny prank that’s ever existed. YouTuber Sam Pepper pranked someone into thinking his best friend was murdered right in front of him, and fans are freaking out about the cruel joke. You can watch it here.

Sam Pepper, 25, pretended to kidnap Viner duo Sam & Colby, and kill Colby Brock while Sam Golbach watched, terrorized. Fans are now understandably lashing out at the YouTuber and former Big Brother UK contestant for the cold prank. You can watch the terrifying video here if you want, and see fans’ reactions to the heartless joke.

Prepare yourselves, because this prank is much more likely to make you cry than laugh. Sam P. and Colby teamed up to prank Colby’s Vine partner and best friend Sam G. for Sam P’s heavily-followed YouTube channel. In the brutal prank, Colby pretends that his car has broken down, and while they are looking at the engine, Sam P. sneaks up and throws a bag over Sam G’s head. The poor 19-year-old screams and struggles to get free, while his buddy Colby helps tie him up and throw him in the trunk while pretending he is also being kidnapped himself.

When the bag is finally taken off Sam G’s head, he realizes he’s on a rooftop, tied to a chair with his friend tied up beside him. While Colby has a bag over his head, Sam P. pretends to shoot him at point-blank range before he falls, lifeless, to the ground. Sam G’s reaction is heartbreaking. He is screaming at the top of his lungs, begging the “kidnapper” not to hurt Colby, and sobbing while he says “he’s everything I have.” As you can imagine, it’s a lot more upsetting than it is funny. Fans thought so too, reacting harshly on Twitter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Sam P. has crossed the line with a prank. He was slammed in Sept. 2014 for showcasing a video where he grabbed women’s butts, then blamed it on a fake hand he was carrying when they turned around. He was called out by many fans for assault, and YouTube swiftly removed the video. This time, the prank will stay up, because technically it does not violate any of YouTube’s policies. Does it violate the policies of human decency, however? We’d say so.

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What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Harmless prank or very cruel joke? Would you ever pull a trick like this on your best friend? Sound off in the comments below!