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‘The Walking Dead’: [SPOILER] Gets Bit When Walkers Finally Take Alexandria

Sun, November 29, 2015 10:19pm EDT by Lauren Cox 2 Comments

Uh oh. Rick and the group are forced to say goodbye to someone very important during ‘The Walking Dead’s season six mid-season finale. Full recap HERE!

On the Nov. 29 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, one of our beloved Alexandrians gets bit while trying to help Rick (Andrew Lincoln) after the tower takes out the wall and allows walkers to come strolling inside. Plus, the group gets completely split up in the chaos, and Glenn (Steven Yeun) desperately tries to find Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

So, this episode starts out a little strange — and that’s putting it lightly. We get a sneak peek into Sam’s world, which is essentially just his room on the second floor of Jessie’s house, and it’s weirder than anyone could have imagined. As if the creepy old-school music playing on the record player wasn’t enough, he’s drawing a picture of someone tied to a tree with what could only be a walker or two standing nearby. Oh, and he’s also left a meat patty out so there’s a trail of ants coming into his room through the window. Maybe they are his friends?

But then we finally get to see what happens after the tower falls, and it’s absolute chaos, as expected. Rick tells everyone to run while shooting up some walkers, and he gets help from someone you would least expect to roll out guns blazing: Deanna! She shoots a few, follows after Rick, and then… well, she falls and gets hurt. But hey, she tried! Thankfully she stuck by Rick so he’s able to help her up and to safety. Plus, Morgan saves Carol and they find shelter together.

As this is happening Maggie goes running for safety but also falls, and just when she — and her unborn Glenn baby — are about to get eaten for dinner, she manages to get up. She’s quick to climb up a ladder to one of the watch posts, but the walkers grab hold of the ladder and it falls over leaving the pregnant woman hanging for her life. Somehow she manages to pull herself up to safety, and as she catches her breathe she spots the green balloons from Glenn still floating in the sky.

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Outside of Alexandria, Glenn tries to convince Enid that everything is okay. She doesn’t believe him, even as he reminds her there are people in there who care about her. Eventually he leaves to go try and figure out how to help Alexandria, and Enid stays behind, though she’s likely to catch up with him once she realizes she wants to.

Rick’s Group Is Split Up Again

Jessie brings Rick, Michonne, Deanna, Carl and Ron into her house and they all scramble upstairs, which scares the crap out of an already terrified Sam. Jessie tells him to pretend he’s someone who is not scared, but he spaces out repeatedly as he watches Rick and Michonne work on Deanna who is seriously injured. In fact, when Rick asks Michonne how she’s doing, she discovers that Deanna’s been bitten. “Well, shit,” Deanna says out loud as everyone else realizes what’s happened.

Rick devises a plan to save Alexandria, of course, but even he sounds skeptical that they will work. At the same time Michonne tells Deanna she “gets” the plans she drew up, and that she thinks they can still work — “even now.” And, even as she lays dying in Jessie’s home, Deanna is smiling and talking about how she lived a great life. She talks about how she worked with her family for a better future, and that she’s leaving something great behind.

Carl finds Ron in the garage, and he has no idea that just before the tower fell his so-called friend was going to shoot him in the back of the head. It’s a great parallel to Rick and Shane, if you think about it. But when Carl finds Ron he’s whining about how they are all going to die and how Enid is already dead, and then, out of nowhere, he locks Carl in the garage with him and takes out his gun. Carl finally realizes what’s happening and attacks Ron, knocking the gun out of his hand, but the fight continues. The two struggle, Ron chasing Carl with a shovel and eventually slamming him against a window that breaks and attracts the nearby walkers. As Ron presses Carl up against the wall using only the shovel pressed against his neck, the walkers break into the yard and make their way to the shattered window. Uh oh.

Carl tries to block the window with some shelves, and finally Rick and Jessie realize something is happening in the garage. Rick practically beats the door down and when he finally gets it open Carl and Ron going running out just as walkers come crawling in.

Deanna passes notes to Rick for Maggie and Spencer, and then asks him to watch after her son like he’s one of his own people. When he hesitates she tells him the cold, hard truth: “They’re all your people now.” Rick disagrees, but Deanna tells him he doesn’t have a choice — and she’s right.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the walkers to break into almost every entrance of Jessie’s home. The group manages to block the stairs with a couch, but their outcome does not look very promising.

Carol & Morgan’s Deadly Face-Off

We find that Rosita, Tara, and Eugene are locked in a garage-turned-classroom and sadly, one of them is starting to lose all hope. Rosita tells Tara that she thinks Abraham is dead, and that she’s not sure Alexandria can be saved now, but Tara tells her neither one of those things are true. Eugene remains silent throughout the conversation, but it’s clear that he too is upset about his friend, Abraham. However, Rosita gets inspired to break into the house the garage they are in is attached to, and Eugene chimes in to reveal he knows how to pick a lock. Isn’t it great when he can be helpful?

At the same time, Morgan and Carol are still trapped inside the unfinished home. She doesn’t seem to be doing well, but when Morgan goes to check on something she mysteriously disappears. Morgan starts to search the house and it doesn’t take him long to find her, or should I say it doesn’t take her long to attack him? Either way Carol uses this as an escape and runs downstairs to where Denise has been treating the Wolf. She demands Denise get away from the man, and that’s when Morgan catches up with her and puts himself between Carol and his prisoner. This is not going to end well.

When Carol and Morgan finally go at it, they both end up losing pretty badly. Carol gets knocked out, and Morgan also gets knocked out — but it’s by the Wolf. The guy was able to take Morgan’s stick after he let go of it, and now that they are both out Denise is the only one who knows what’s happening. She begs him not to kill her as he gets out of the rope that Morgan tied around his wrists, but he’s not interested. He charges at her with the knife to scare her, and that’s when Tara, Rosita, and Eugene come storming in from the garage.

Holding a knife to Denise’s neck, the Wolf demands they drop their weapons, and they do. He takes their guns, then takes Denise and walks out of the front gate leaving them all locked in the makeshift prison cell. How will he and Denise survive among all of the walkers?

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To Be Continued…?

We finally catch up with Glenn and, as expected, Enid is right by his side. They climb up a tree to peek over the fence into Alexandria and who is the first person they see? Maggie. She’s still perched on one of the watch towers, but she can’t see them yet. It’s unclear yet if Glenn has a plan to get inside and get to her, or how he can execute it.

Once Rick and everyone — Ron, Carl, Sam, Jessie, Father Gabriel, Michonne, and even baby Judith — are covered in enough guts, they venture downstairs. Passing the first group of walkers is easy. Too easy.

They are forced to leave Deanna behind, who shoots as many walkers as she can before they (probably) take her down. Her death is assumed since it’s not shown on-camera.

When they finally get outside they are stopped on the porch by what they see: a walker herd. The streets are covered in walkers, there has to be hundreds if not thousands of them roaming around, and it’s a hard pill to swallow for everyone. But, they go on, with Sam calling for his mom (and probably drawing unwanted attention) as the final shot. Rude.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 14, 2016. See you then!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Were you said to see Deanna go? Do you think Alexandria can come back after this? What did YOU think of the mid-season finale? Comment below with your thoughts.