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Katelyn Nacon Sounds Off On ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Theories & The Mid-Season Finale

Sat, November 28, 2015 5:53pm EDT by Lauren Cox 2 Comments

Now that Enid is back on ‘The Walking Dead,’ Katelyn Nacon spoke EXCLUSIVELY with about those crazy fan theories — and whether or not she’ll bail on Glenn (again) in the mid-season finale.

Katelyn Nacon, 16, plays Enid, one of the most important characters on The Walking Dead‘s sixth season. Why is Enid so important? Well, for starters, she helps save the beloved Glenn (Steven Yeun) after he gets swarmed by a walker herd. But, the mysterious Enid also kept fans talking during her disappearance — and Katelyn told she knows all about the wild theories they stirred up about her!

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I side-eyed the crap out of Enid after she disappeared during the explosive “JSS” episode of The Walking Dead. However, now that she’s back — and she hasn’t kidnapped baby Judith, nor is she a member of the Wolves — I needed to know exactly what the actress who played Enid thought about all of the fan hoopla over her character.

“I liked it because it added to the mystery,” Katelyn told EXCLUSIVELY after Enid’s return on the Nov. 22 episode. But, “we already know she didn’t take Judith.” As many diehard TWD fans may know, it was widely speculated that Enid baby-napped Judith when Carl wasn’t looking during “JSS.” Thankfully, we finally saw Judith again on the same episode Enid returned, but the tiny tot had never actually left Alexandria.

“I found that theory to be kind of silly because it doesn’t make any sense for Enid to take a baby with her if her whole mantra is [Just Survive Somehow], having a baby with you isn’t the best way to survive,” Katelyn also said, which is a very valid point.

Enid’s return — and her decision to help Glenn by giving him water after his overnight under the dumpster — also revealed that she is not, as far as anyone can tell, a member of the blood thirsty Wolves. Phew.

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What Role Will Enid Play In The Finale?

As revealed in the Nov. 22 episode, Enid is not a fan of emotional attachments. The reason why she bailed on Alexandria is because she thought the Wolves would take it for good, and if she left before that happened she didn’t have to worry about watching anyone she cared about die. This all stems from watching walkers eat her parents alive, and then being forced to live on the run all alone for who knows how long.

But when it comes to Enid sticking around to help Glenn save Alexandria, the future is still widely unknown. Unfortunately, Katelyn is a total professional and wouldn’t tell what will be going down on Sunday, Nov. 30 in the mid-season finale!

“I’m not sure,” Katelyn told EXCLUSIVELY when we asked if Enid will bail on Glenn in the upcoming epsisode. “We’ll have to wait and see!” Ugh, tease!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Enid will stick around and help Glenn, or do you think she’ll disappear as soon as she can? Comment below with your thoughts!