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‘The Good Dinosaur’ Review: Pixar Brings The Feels With New Movie

Thu, November 26, 2015 11:40am EDT by Add first Comment
The Good Dinosaur Review
Image Courtesy of Disney

Pixar has done it again. The legendary animation studio has delivered another heartfelt and endearing movie that both kids and parents will love. I should warn you though, bring tissues and lots of them, because ‘The Good Dinosaur’ taps into your heart and soul!

Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa), a young Apatosaurus, stole our hearts in the new film, The Good Dinosaur. Disney/Pixar created a world where dinos ruled the land, while humans were the inferior pet — and it is downright hilarious! This movie is a must-see!


What if the asteroid that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had actually bypassed Earth, so dinosaurs were the ones in charge? Well, then you’d have sophisticated dinos running around and settling land instead of humans. That’s the premiss of The Good Dinosaur and it worked awesomely. The movie tells a fun family story about a family of dinosaur famers, yes, farmers, that live on a massive plantation. There are three children, with the main character being the youngest, Arlo. Obviously, he is the underdog throughout the entire movie who needs to bravely faces his fears. Sadly, like true Disney/Pixar fashion, a parent (Arlo’s dad) dies within the first 30 minutes of the film. This creates multiple challenging obstacles for the young Dino.

He winds up falling down a violent river, where he washes up miles from home, in the presence of a human wild child (Jack Bright). The same child he blames for his father’s death, so this turns into quite the pickle for Arlo. After trying to shun the wild child, the pair wind up growing very fond of one another. The journey up the river to try to get Arlo back home to his family. The wild child, who Arlo names, Spot, is depicted as the pet in this film, which is hilarious. Spot, like Arlo, is alone in the world, and the relationship between them becomes emotionally gut-wrenching, literally I was brought to tears multiple times. Then there are point where I was in tears, due to laughter.

While The Good Dinosaur isn’t as sophisticated as most of Disney/Pixar’s other hit films, it still remained a touching story and breathtaking animation. Yet, in my eyes, it’s one of Pixar’s most gorgeous films to date. The animation brought the stunning Wyoming-like landscape to life. The landscape is so realistic, you feel like you’re in the majestic mountain tops and forests enjoying the fresh air.

All in all, this is a must-see movie, but bring the tissues, because it hits you right in the feels!

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