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Burn Off Your 2,000 Cal. Thanksgiving Meal — 10 At-Home Exercises

Wed, November 25, 2015 2:22pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 2 Comments
Thanksgiving Workout
Courtesy of Instagram

A typical Thanksgiving meal can contain up to 2,000 calories — that’s as much as our recommended daily value! Get a head start on keeping the pounds off with these top exercises below!

I’m personally not the biggest gym rat, but if it means I can have an extra slice of pie, I’m all for it! Keep unwanted pounds off this holiday season with these fast and easy workouts from an expert NYC trainer below!

Stay Slim This Season
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Brooke Taylor of Taylored Fitness NY LTD is breaking down some workouts you can do IN YOUR OWN HOME the day after Thanksgiving and beyond! Here is her workout:

“Warm up with:

Jump Jacks – 20x
Lateral Side to Side Skaters – (20x)
Walk Out to Plank – (10x)
Mountain Climbers – (20x)
Plank Jacks – (20x)

Burpee Push Ups: Start with legs hip distance apart. As you inhale place your hands down directly underneath your shoulders and as you exhale shoot your legs back into one long plank position. Inhale lower your body down into a push up. Exhale to extend the arms and inhale jump the legs back into a deep squat. Exhale explode and jump in the air to land softly toe, ball, heel, back into your squat position. (Repeat)

Back Lunge to Step Hop:  Start in a single leg lunge position with your knees bent in a 90 degree angle. As you exhale push off the front leg transferring your weight forward and hop pulling your back leg up to your opposite knee. Then swing it back to land into your single leg lunge again. (Repeat same side 10x then switch legs).”

Thanksgiving Workout — 10 At-Home Exercises To Move The Scale Back

“Forward To Back Lunges: Start with your legs together. As you inhale, lunge one leg forward keeping your weight directly balanced in between both legs.

Crab Butt Lifts: Start seated on your sitz bones with your hands placed directly next to your hips, palms facing forward and your heels planted firmly into the floor hip distance apart. As you exhale press the hips up towards the ceiling firing your glutes and hamstrings. Inhale lower your hips down to hover just above the floor and exhale to extend again. The focus should be about pressing through the heels to really extend those hips, while simultaneously squeezing the glutes. (Repeat 20x)

Tricep Dips: Start in your crab stance with your hips extended towards the ceiling and the arms directly in line with your shoulders. Bend the elbows back as you lower your body down towards the floor and as you exhale straighten your elbows. (20x)

Full Roll upsStart with your legs extended nice and long and your arms extended over your head. As you inhale, reach the arms up to the sky and initiate by peeling one vertebrae at a time off the ground flexing the spine over the legs. As you inhale tuck the tailbone lead with the pelvis and lower down one vertebrae at a time with control.  (REPEAT 10x)

Bicycles: Start with your spine in an imprinted position with your legs held up in tabletop position and your hands resting gently behind your head. As you exhale rotate to the bent knee while simultaneously extending the opposite leg. (REPEAT 20x)

Bridges: Start laying down flat on your back with your pelvis and spine in a neutral position. Make sure your heels are in line with your sitz bones and hands are gently placed alongside your body. As you exhale extend your hips up to the sky making one long line from shoulder, hip to knee. Inhale and lower your body to hover and then exhale and extend it back up. (REPEAT 20x)

Heel Lifts: Hold your pelvis in the bridge position and lift and lower the heels (20x). Once you complete the final one then lower and lift the hips in small pulses (20x)

Quadruped Leg LiftsStart in a quadruped position with the hands placed directly underneath the shoulders and the knees directly underneath the hips. As you inhale extend one leg back and exhale — flex the glute to lift the leg off the floor. Repeat (20x).

Then cross the knee over the other and kick the same working leg out to the side (20x). Rotate the body completely to the side stacking your pelvis, ribs, and shoulders, placing the top arm to your forehead. As you exhale lift, the working leg up to hip height and inhale to lower. (Repeat 20x).


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Are you planning on workout out more this week to combat your Thanksgiving meal?