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Kris Jenner To Kylie: Dump Tyga After He Allegedly Slept With Same Girl As Charlie Sheen

Tue, November 24, 2015 12:39pm EDT by 9 Comments

Was Kris Jenner responsible for Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s explosive breakup? The protective mama couldn’t allow her daughter to be with someone who had allegedly dated the same porn star as Charlie Sheen. After Charlie’s revelation that he’s HIV positive, Kris needed to get Kylie out of that relationship ASAP.

Kris Jenner, 60, was allegedly terrified when Charlie Sheen, who announced he was HIV positive, slept with Mia Isabella, 30, — the same porn star Tyga, 26, was once linked toKylie Jenner, 18, sleeping with Tyga was apparently too much for Kris to handle, and she reportedly demanded her daughter end things with her boyfriend. Read on to find out what happened.

“As soon as Kylie’s mom, Kris, found out about Tyga’s connection to the same woman that Charlie was involved with, she went ballistic,” a source told In Touch. “For obvious reasons, Kris insisted that Kylie get to the bottom of this potentially life-threading mess. So Kylie went straight to Tyga and confronted him.”

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Apparently, Tyga was livid when Kylie brought up these accusations. Reports came out in July 2015 that he and Mia had hooked up over a three-year period, but Tyga vehemently denied to his girlfriend yet again that he ever cheated on her. “Tyga flipped out and screamed at Kylie that she was crazy to believe that he’d been with Mia,” the source told the mag. “He stormed out of her house cursing at her and calling her ‘a stupid little b—h’ and finally said, ‘I’m done with you.'” Remember Kylie in the pre-Tyga days by buying the first season of KUWTK here!

Omg! That’s seriously disturbing. Even if he was upset, he should never talk to his girlfriend like that. When Kris heard about this, she reportedly took action immediately. Though Tyga maintained his innocence when it came to allegedly sleeping with Mia, none of Kylie’s friends and family — especially her mom — reportedly believed him. “[Kris’] team packed up Tyga’s things within hours and had them sent to another address. He’s been told not to come anywhere near the house,” the source said.

They’ve apparently all forgiven him after the couple decided to reunite though. Since the breakup, Kylie and Tyga have gone back to sharing pics of their declarations of love — and tons of PDA. Kris has even started supporting their relationship again, throwing Tyga a small birthday party after skipping his own on November 19. Sweet!

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