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‘Pretty Little Liars’: 10 Things You Need To Know From The ‘5 Years Forward’ Special

Tue, November 24, 2015 9:45pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

The ‘Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward’ special answered A LOT of questions. From Ezra’s downfall to the Liars’ love lives, here are 10 epic spoilers from the special!

OMG! So much has changed for our favorite characters during the 5-year time jump on Pretty Little Liars. Season 6B of the hit show doesn’t premiere until Jan. 2016, but the showed aired its 5 Years Forward special to spill some major spoilers. Get the scoop on how Hanna met her fiance, what happened to Ezra, the new big bad and more!

1. Hanna DOES move with Caleb to New York, but it all goes downhill from there. Caleb keeps living that tech world life, while Hanna goes to school for fashion. She interns for Zac Posen and basically becomes Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. Things don’t work out for Hanna and Caleb. She didn’t put her relationship first. While on a work trip in Europe, she meets her fiance. Poor Haleb.

2. Spencer goes to Georgetown and begins earning her place in the political world. As successful as Spencer becomes, the same can’t be said for her love life. Spencer and Toby fall apart. They just start living in two different worlds during the time jump, but we’ll be able to see “the moment when it all crumbles,” Keegan Allen says.

3. Speaking of Toby, he gets SUPER RICH. He inherits money from the Cavanaugh house explosion. He buys three acres outside of Rosewood to build his dream house. He ends up meeting a new girl who “becomes a very important person in his life.”

4. Emily moves to the west coast and drops out of Pepperdine after her father passes away. Marlene King says that Emily comes back with the “biggest baggage.”

5. Despite everything Charlotte’s done, Alison starts connecting and trusting her. While visiting Charlotte in the hospital, she meets Dr. Rollins. As we’ve already seen, Alison gets married to a guy named Rollins. Interesting.

6. Aria finds love in a guy named Liam. Sorry, Ezria fans. She also comes back to her love of writing, and she begins working with Ezra through her publishing career.

7. Ezra’s had a crazy five years. During the time jump, Ezra fell in love with a girl named Nicole while in South America doing service work. Apparently, everything he holds dear gets “taken away from him quickly and violently,” Ian Harding says. He comes back to Rosewood with no idea who he is, except for the fact that he’s now an alcoholic. Someone call Aria NOW!

8. Oh, Radley Sanitarium is now a boutique hotel. American Horror Story much? Spencer’s barn also gets a transformation.

9. There’s a new big bad, and he/she is worse than “A.” The girls start receiving messages, and it’s all “very dark and twisted,” Keegan reveals. Troian says that the new enemy brings a “life-threatening situation” for the girls. Gulp.

10. During the special, fans were treated to two never-before-seen clips of the new season. The first one features Alison and Jason going to visit Charlotte three months after the events of the finale. The siblings all share a sweet hug, and it seems like they’re really moving forward.

The second clip takes place four years into the 5-year time jump. Alison’s teaching at the high school, and Mona’s creeping at the back of the classroom. Mona’s back in town for her 21st birthday and wants to celebrate with Alison. But mostly to stir up trouble. She also gives us a tiny little update on all of Liars. Hanna and Mona crashed a party at Matt Damon’s house. Emily went to Stanford to visit Paige!

Mona tried to go visit Charlotte, and it didn’t go so well. Mona’s worried about what Charlotte’s true intentions are. “She was a master at playing the game,” Mona says, and then admits she’ll never be able to trust Charlotte — ever. Catch up on Pretty Little Liars by buying the series on Amazon NOW!

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