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Kylie Jenner: Watch Out — Tyga Will Break Your Heart Again

Tue, November 24, 2015 5:36pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller Add first Comment

Kylie — what are you thinking? Just after you made the right move and dumped Tyga for very good reasons, you relented and took him back into your arms – watch out!

Kylie Jenner, you have been through so much heartbreak already with Tyga — are you really sure that taking him back after splitting was the right thing to do ?

Kylie, just last Thursday, Nov. 19, you were so upset with boyfriend of a year, Tyga, that you suddenly broke off your relationship and ditched out of attending his 26th birthday party.

Not only that – your whole family was so incensed that not one of them tweeted or Instagrammed birthday wishes or set foot in The Nice Guy club in LA, where he held his bash. Meanwhile, you were “curled upon the couch, crying,” an insider told exclusively. You were convinced that Tyga had cheated on you after you found something highly suspicious on his computer, when you returned from a business trip to Australia, with your sister, Kendall You were so upset with Tyga that you were refusing to take his calls and you were completely shutting him out – who could blame you?

You even posted an Instagram describing yourself as “single as f**k,” before hastily deleting it. As for Kris, Kim and Kendall, they were all ecstatic. Your family was rightly concerned that at 18, you’ve just been too young for a serious relationship and they all had their fears that Tyga was riding your Jenner/Kardashian coat tails for fame.

Now Kylie, Tyga has cried, begged and promised his way into your life, but you’ve got to beware. Yes, he swore that he was “innocent of any wrongdoing,” according to another insider. “He flooded her with texts, calls and said that he loved her over and over again. He also said that he couldn’t imagine not having her in his life and would do whatever it took to earn her trust again.” He even cried.


Now, we hear that you’re convinced that you blew what you saw on Tyga’s computer, out of proportion, according to a source close to you. “He’s a hot rapper and girls are constantly throwing themselves at him or coming out of the woodwork saying they’ve slept with him,” you now believe. Really, Kylie? So you’ve accepted his explanation for the very images or texts that sent you into breakup mode.

Well, you’re absolutely entitled to take Tyga’s “I love yous” at face value. You do love the guy. And you and your mom took him out for a belated birthday dinner, last night, Nov. 23. But beware, Kylie. It sure seems odd that whoever these girls are — that somehow they had his email address or his cell number. How did they contact him? You’ve already had issues with Tyga. You were blindsided and hurt when his ex Blac Chyna publicly posted texts that Tyga had sent her and which she claimed, showed that he wanted to get back together with Blac. That wasn’t fun.

Then there were the photos of his penis leaked anonymously to multiple news outlets including, as well as claims of an affair with a transgender porn star, Mia Isabella.

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Kylie – you’ve been through A LOT with Tyga. So now, as you plunge back into your romance, try and keep at least a mild brake on your feelings. You’re such a sweet, loving girl and you’ve been totally devoted to Tyga. You don’t want to be back on that couch crying your eyes out any time soon again. HollywoodLifers – do you agree that Kylie needs to be careful with her heart? Do you worry that Tyga could break it again? Let me know.