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‘The Walking Dead’ Finally Reveals Glenn’s Fate & Enid Makes An Epic Return

Sun, November 22, 2015 10:01pm EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

The answers to all of your ‘The Walking Dead’ questions are finally here. Is Glenn dead or alive? Where the heck did Enid go? Find out in this full recap of the Nov. 22 episode.

On the Nov. 22 episode of The Walking Dead, viewers will finally find out the true fate of their beloved Glenn (Steven Yeun). However, we will also learn where Enid (Katelyn Nacon) disappeared to after The Wolves attacked Alexandria, as well as how the safe haven is fairing with a wall of walkers surrounding every inch of it.

Oh my God. We’re back to Glenn and Nicholas. A NEW ANGLE! Okay, the walkers are totally eating Nicholas and Glenn is stuck underneath him… but wait! He’s pulling himself under the dumpster! Holy crap! Glenn’s alive! Okay, so he kills the few walkers that try to grab at him, and that must keep him blocked off from the rest, right? And look, he survived all the way until night fall… and then the next day! You guys! Glenn’s alive!

Okay, I’m sorry that I totally just freaked out but you have to admit, this is nuts. Glenn should be dead. By any and all accounts of what happened to him, he should be dead. It’s like Hershel has been appointed his guardian angel and some how, some way, kept him alive underneath that dumpster. This is insane and I love it and I am so excited!

Alright, but back to it. When Glenn finally pulls himself out from underneath the dumpster he’s starving and thirsty and covered in blood and guts. Gross. He manages to find some of the supplies he and Nicholas dropped when they were under attack, and out of nowhere a girl calls to him from the roof of the building before throwing him a bottle of water. Hey wait, isn’t that Enid? It’s Enid!

With nothing but an empty backpack and his knife, Glenn climbs into an open window that belongs to the building Enid was just standing on top of. Inside he calls out for Enid, and she tells him where she left him another water bottle, but she refuses to come out of hiding. When Glenn finds the water bottle he also finds some garbage, and it looks like that’s where Enid has been staying all of this time. He calls out to her again to ask what happened in Alexandria, and she tells him that what happened is “what always happens — people died.” Glenn asks if it was the herd and she asks, “what herd?” Of course she doesn’t know about the herd because she left Alexandria while it was still under attack by the Wolves, which is before the herd even arrived.

“You should go,” Enid tells Glenn from where ever she is hiding, but he’s not done. He asks about Maggie. Enid doesn’t respond. Glenn goes searching for her, desperate to know if his wife is okay, but he doesn’t find Enid until she’s already running away from the building. He tries to follow her but it’s too late. She’s gone.

But Back In Alexandria…

Okay, we finally have an update on Glenn, so I guess I’m not too upset that we’re back in Alexandria without him this quickly. First we catch up with Rick and Morgan, who agree to finally have a “chat” later in the day. Then Rick discovers that the wall is bleeding, which appears to be more symbolic than anything.

As he’s combing the walls for weak spots Rick sees Maggie standing watch, and he’s quick to climb up and chat with her. She’s obviously waiting for Glenn, or a sign, anything that will tell her where he is. Rick reminds her that they’ve come back from worse, and she seems grateful for his positivity. Rick isn’t exactly a very hopeful person, but the people who are missing — Glenn, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham — they mean too much to him. It proves that despite everything, his humanity still resides deep inside him. Somewhere.

Rick tells Maggie they need to start thinking of a way to clear the walkers from the gate, and he says they will take their time and do it right. In response Maggie shows she has nothing but babies on the brain, because she compliments Judith out of nowhere. She’s starting to look like Laurie, she tells Rick, who agrees. When do you think Maggie will tell Rick she’s tin roof rusted?

OKAY. WE’RE BACK TO GLENN. He’s making his way around town when he discovers David’s body pressed against the gate where the walkers got him. Sadly David is now a one-eyed walker, which leaves Glenn no choice but to put him out of his misery. Before leaving he finds the note David wrote for his wife, Betsy. Just before hopping over the same gate Michonne and the group did to get home, he turns and heads back into town.

Rick Teaches Ron To Protect Himself

Just like that… we’re back in Alexandria. Rick is walking through town with Carl and Ron in tow when he spots Father Gabriel putting up signs about a prayer circle. Rick’s reaction? To rip the signs down as he passes, not saying a word to anyone about it, even as Carl scolds him for doing so. Awkward.

A beat later Rick is teaching Ron how to use a handgun. Carl is there as if almost just to supervise, and he occasionally chimes in with some sound advice that Ron doesn’t seem to enjoy. Even after getting a pretty good, detailed lesson from Rick, Ron seems a little over eager about wanting to shoot real bullets. Alexandria is surrounded by walkers right now so making extra noise isn’t a great idea. Ron even suggests using a silencer, and that’s when Rick starts to side eye him a little bit. What exactly are Ron’s intentions? Honestly, the way he looks at Carl makes me really uncomfortable.

Once Rick is done giving shooting lessons he runs into Morgan, and it’s finally time for them to talk. The talk is really more of a confrontation though, because it’s more or less Morgan against Rick, Michonne, and Carol. Rick tells Morgan that Carol saw him refusing to kill some of the Wolves, and they flat-out ask if he let any of them go unharmed. He admits that he did.

The conversation continues, and Morgan reveals that even though he still believes that “all life is precious,” he’s not sure what is right and what is wrong any more. When Rick asks if he really thinks he can make it without getting blood on his hands Morgan responds with an honest “I don’t know.”

A quick shot brings us to the watch tower attached to the wall that is keeping the walker out. It’s cracking down the middle — literally — and as the camera slowly moves up the structure you can see and hear the distressed wood shifting. Unfortunately, no one else seems to have notice that if that building collapses it will likely take a portion of the wall with it… leading all of the walkers right into Alexandria.

After their chat with Morgan, Rick and Michonne meet to chat on the porch about how they can effectively lure the walkers away from the wall. Rick tells Michonne it will be “just them” — as in no Alexandrians — but she takes issue with that. She reminds him that they are all a part of the same group now. Just then, as if on cue, Deanna comes up onto the porch with a surely missed smile on her face. She passes Rick the plans she drew up for the expansion of Alexandria, and he tells her they have other things to worry about. But Deanna, who has finally found her spark again, tells him that there “will be an after” this.

Elsewhere in Alexandria Rosita is training some locals, including Eugene and Jessie, how to fight using large knives. Unfortunately, Eugene’s attention is elsewhere… and Rosita catches on quick. It’s like he can’t stop staring at the wall, but it’s unclear if he’s afraid of the walkers or hoping to see Abraham burst through the gate. Rosita has no time for Eugene being dazed and confused, so she tells him that being afraid of dying is a cop out. It’s being afraid of living and watching the people around you dying instead. She seems angry, but Eugene gets emotional and has to bail on the lesson so she can continue without him. This is a cold, hard reminder that they both lost Abraham… or so they think.

Glenn Refuses To Let Enid Disappear Again

When we return to Enid she’s sitting in what looks like it used to be a diner all alone. There’s a napkin with her mantra written on it, “JSS,” and when she finally gets up to leave she discovers a problem: walkers. With the front door cracked open she quietly watches walkers pass by, and that’s when Glenn wraps his hand around her mouth and pulls her away from the door. She’s immediately upset, but once he lets her go he closes the door so they don’t attract any walkers. Glenn tells Enid he’s bringing her back to Alexandria, but she refuses. He tells her she doesn’t have a choice, especially because he’s doing this for Maggie who would never leave her or anyone else behind, but Enid doesn’t care. When Glenn grabs her to bring her with him, she pulls a gun on him. Whoops!

Enid’s reign of power doesn’t last very long, because Glenn is quick to grab the barrel of the gun and take it from her. You tried, Enid. you really tried.

Glenn tells her she has to lead the way home, and he also tells her about the herd breaking off and heading straight for Alexandria. She looks scared for a moment, but then quickly returns to angry when he finally makes her leave.

While they are on the road Enid stops to kill a disabled walker. A moment later she stops to cut the green balloons down and tie them to her bag, and when Glenn stares at her blankly she tells him she can use them to distract walkers. Instead of chastising her he tells her that there’s a helium tank, balloons, and string hidden in the shrubs… all a part of their elaborate plan to get the walkers out of the quarry.

However, Glenn seems intrigued by Enid. While she’s blowing up more balloons he finds out she lived in Olivia’s house back in Alexandria, but that she was always on her own. She calls herself “orphaned by walkers,” and Glenn tells her that he probably was, too. Enid is smart though, she’s tough, and her response is to remind him that that’s just how things are now. Glenn uses this opportunity to tell her she doesn’t need to be scared, that she doesn’t need to run away from something good just because she doesn’t want to have it taken from her instead, but she shuts him down. He obviously hit a cord, and she doesn’t want to talk about it, or anything, at all now.

Inside Alexandria Rick has taken to building up the wall right in front of the tower that is slowly but surely crumbling. He’s working alone, but Tobin comes along and offers not only to help, but a suggestion on how to keep the wall standing by building a brace. It’s a nice bonding moment between the two, especially when Tobin opens up and tells him how afraid he and everyone else were of Rick when he first arrived. Now they are working together as a group, just as Michonne mentioned earlier, and it’s very symbolic of how these two groups are slowly merging into one.

Unfortunately, not everyone is into the group mentality. Ron knocks over some cans in the pantry to distract the woman who runs it, and then he sneaks inside the armory to get bullets for the empty gun Rick gave him. Not just a few bullets, either… a nice handful of them. Is he planning to hurt someone like Carl and/or Rick? Or is he planning to go find Enid without any help? Hmm.

Spencer Reveals He’s An Idiot

Speaking of Enid, it’s at about this time that she and Glenn are finally within proximity of Alexandria. They are close enough to see the wall and hear the walkers, but not close enough to get in just yet. However, Alexandria looks pretty terrible from the outside. Walkers are not just at the entrance, they are surrounding the entire property. The sound of them seems to be drawing even more in, much like the quarry. Enid immediately turns around to leave, but Glenn stops her. She tells him there is no point, but he disagrees, and he assures her that he isn’t going to let anything happen to her. Enid finally calms down, and this definitely feels like foreshadowing to exactly how amazing of a father Glenn is going to be.

Just as things seem to be taking a turn for the better, Rick and Tobin spot Spencer trying to get outside the wall in the weirdest way possible: by pulling himself across a rope — or is it a wire? Rick and Tobin are quick to climb up to the top of the wall and demand he come back, but he doesn’t listen. Spencer keeps trying to get to the other side even as a group of walkers stand underneath him reaching for his body like a raw steak. Eugene and Tara spot what’s happening from their post, and Tara is quick to climb over the wall and rest on a beam so she can shoot the walkers that grab for Spencer after the rope/wire he’s climbing on snaps. It takes not one, not two, but three grown men — Rick, Tobin, and Morgan — to finally pull Spencer back over the wall to safety.

Michonne arrives just in time to help Tara back over, and Rick immediately starts screaming at her for putting her life in danger for “these people” again. She responds by giving him the finger, which he totally deserves.

Spencer tells Rick he had a plan to draw the walkers away from the wall by using a car, but Rick tells him he should have come to him first. Spencer tells him he didn’t do that because he knew Rick wouldn’t have listened, and he’s right.

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Once that chaos is over, Morgan returns to the so-called doctor’s office to talk to Denise. He asks her some questions about dressing a wound, and she asks to see it, but he reveals that it’s not his. This is where we are reminded that he is holding a Wolf hostage in one of the secured rooms, and now he’s trying to find the man help. Morgan tells Denise he doesn’t want to get her involved in something she doesn’t need to be involved in, but the next thing we see is him leading her out of the doctor’s office so she was obviously into the idea.

The bad news? Carol was watching from her porch and even followed after them despite the fact that she was carrying Judith. Once she sees where Morgan and Denise end up going she brings Judith to Jessie’s house so that Ricks’ non-girlfriend can watch the baby. Jessie is happy to do so but needs to put something away first, and when she disappears into the house Sam calls for Carol from his spot at the top of the stairs. He still won’t come down after the Wolves incident, and now he’s asking Carol some questions about “the monsters.” He thinks the Wolves are the monsters she was warning him about, and he asks if his dad became one of them. The only thing Carol has to offer him is to tell him that “killing” is the only way to keep from becoming a monster. This is probably not the best advice to give a young boy, is it?

Carol finally gets into the secured room just enough for Morgan to meet her at the entrance and block her way. She demands to know who he has in there, but we don’t get to see what happens next, unfortunately.

What The Heck Is Ron Up To?

Now there is a lot happening in Alexandria. There’s the confrontation between Carol and Morgan, and we also see that Ron is following Carl down the street with his loaded gun. Carl is oblivious to being followed, too, which is not good.

Rick and Tobin continue building up the wall to keep it secure, but when Tara passes by Rick follows after her to talk to her. He asks her why she put her life on the line and she tells him that they are all in this together, and that she wasn’t thinking about dying she was just thinking about Spencer. It seems like everyone is on that page except for Rick, who continues to be resistant to the idea that they are now Alexandrians. Deanna interrupts them to thank them for saving Spencer, but Rick tells her that her son was being stupid. But, before anything else can happen, everyone’s attention is stolen by a batch of green balloons that have been released into the sky nearby.

When Maggie spots them she bolts for the wall so that she can tell Rick that those balloons are from Glenn. Rick immediately agrees.

But that’s when the tower finally gives in to it’s weaknesses. There’s a large creak, a crack, and then suddenly in slow motion we watch as everyone runs away from the wall and the tower crashes down onto it. The last thing we get to see is the wall crumbling to the ground. This… is… not… good.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Glenn being alive? Do you think he’ll make it back inside Alexandria? And what about that last scene, do you think Alexandria can survive losing a piece of their wall? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox