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‘Jessica Jones’: 5 Things To Know Before You Binge Watch

Fri, November 20, 2015 9:54am EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

‘Jessica Jones’ is the latest comic series to hit Netflix, and she’s one fierce and flawed heroine. Before you binge watch the entire series, here’s 5 key things you need to know!

Jessica Jones is about to be your new TV addiction. Krysten Ritter, 33, stars as the superhero, and she’s kicking butt and taking names. From key information to a few spoilers to a spinoff series, here’s a little review with everything you need to know about Jessica Jones before you sit down and watch for 13 hours straight!

1. Here’s a little refresher on who Jessica Jones is. 

Jessica Jones leaves her superhero days behind her to open her own detective agency, Alias Investigations, in Hell’s Kitchen. Despite not wanting to be a superhero anymore, she’s constantly pulled back into the lifestyle.

2. She’s not exactly the best superhero.

“She represses a lot of her abilities. She kind of wants nothing to do with it, but when she has to, she will rise to the occasion,” Krysten told Entertainment Weekly. “She’s super strong. She’s a bit of a brawler. She can fly, but not well … at all. So she doesn’t do that often, because she’s so bad at it. She’s just not a very good superhero. She’s a real misfit. She’s a real f—ing misfit.”

3. Luke Cage is getting his own show. 

Luke is the hunky owner of the bar that Jessica loves to stop at. In the comics, Luke knows about Jessica’s superhero past, and they sometimes have a romantic relationship, according to USA Today. Luke will be getting his own Netflix series, Luke Cage. He will also appear in the miniseries The Defenders, featuring Jessica, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

4. You totally recognize the show’s stars. 

You’ll remember Krysten from Veronica Mars and Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23. David Tennant played Doctor Who from 2005 to 2013. Mike Colter was a frequent guest star on The Good Wife.

5. She’s connected to Daredevil.

In addition to being on The Defenders together, Krysten and Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil) have a history. According to USA Today, Matt has gotten Jessica out of a few legal problems, and she’s been his bodyguard a few times. Jessica’s even crushed on him for a hot minute.

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HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Jessica Jones? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson