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‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia & Fitz’s Relationship Takes Its Darkest Turn Ever

Thu, November 19, 2015 10:15pm EDT by Avery Thompson 15 Comments

‘Scandal’ didn’t hold back in its Nov. 19 winter finale. Olivia made a shocking decision that will inevitably change her relationship — romantic or not — with Fitz forever.

No one could have ever predicted Olivia (Kerry Washington) would have done THAT on the Nov. 19 episode of Scandal. Olivia’s shocking move will absolutely devastate Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) when he finds out. Elsewhere in the winter finale, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Rowan (Joe Morton) had a brutal heart-to-heart, Mellie (Bellamy Young) proved to be the ultimate queen and more!

It was Christmastime in the White House, and Olivia was running things. She was picking out china, showing children around, gracing the cover of magazines, getting a new wardrobe. Fitz was even picking out her clothes! In short, she was MISERABLE.

Everyone was noticing how unhappy Olivia was. Elizabeth knew Olivia was never meant to be a “trophy wife.” She knew it wouldn’t last. It was only a matter of time.

Mellie — nice to see you again! — had a problem with Fitz’s spending bill he had coming up. Planned Parenthood was in the discretionary column, and Mellie didn’t want to vote for that. When it came time for the vote, Mellie stood up and started filibustering. She gave one hell of speech. Bow down to Mellie!

Meanwhile, the Gladiators were pretty lonely without Olivia. Marcus was brining in poinsettias to spice up OPA. David got Elizabeth a bracelet. He wanted to get serious, she didn’t, judging by the look on her face. When Elizabeth didn’t accept it, he later gave it to VP Ross, who has such a crush on David. Poor girl.

‘She’s Not Yours Anymore’

Huck still had Rowan. Papa Pope started talking to get under Huck’s skin. But Huck had the power. Rowan believed that he wasn’t just Olivia’s father, he was Huck’s and Jake’s. He called them all ungrateful. Rowan went for the jugular and brought up Javi. Huck soon had Rowan by the throat.

“She’s not yours anymore. She’s his,” Huck said to Rowan. That’s when Huck dropped the bomb on Rowan that we all needed to hear: Olivia was unhappy with Fitz. Huck turned the tables and seethed in Rowan’s ear about how Jake and Fitz had both been between Olivia’s legs. Huck asked which one Rowan approved of most. Ouch.

Fitz was not happy about Mellie filibustering. Cyrus wanted to separate Fitz from Mellie during this whole thing. Mellie was holding her own up there. When Fitz thought Mellie was doing this because of him, Olivia made sure to tell him that this likely had nothing to do with him. Olivia was watching Mellie intently and with some serious envy.

In a shocking twist no one saw coming, Tom was still alive! He faked his death. He was in cahoots with Russell, but Jake was hot on their trail. Tom was supposed to find Rowan before it was too late.

The Moment That Changed Olitz Forever

Mellie was losing steam during the filibuster. Mainly, she really had to pee. VP Ross showed up and helped Mellie out. When Mellie was walking out of the bathroom, Olivia was there waiting. Mellie admitted she was ready to give up. “You’re the biggest bitch I know,” Olivia said, giving Mellie the pep talk she needed. The roles had been reversed between Olivia and Mellie, and that’s something I never thought I would see.

Mellie finally called off the filibuster after successfully killing the spending bill. It was the longest filibuster in modern history. Mellie was back on top. Meanwhile, Olivia didn’t show up to the dinner she was supposed to be at with Fitz. Why? BECAUSE SHE GOT AN ABORTION.

Jake found Russell. Apparently, he and some other guys were taking control and taking B613 back to what it was before Rowan became a tyrant. Jake didn’t really care — he shot Russell point blank in the head. Instead of killing Rowan, which is what Papa Pope wanted, Huck let him go.

A Broken & Damaged Relationship

Olivia ran and found the hooch — the one Mellie told her about. Fitz asked where she was, but Olivia wasn’t about to stab him in the heart by admitting she had just got an abortion. But Olivia finally went OFF. She didn’t want to go to the dinner. She didn’t want to be treated like a hostage.

Fitz and Olivia went at it. Fitz called her out for not wanting to marry him. Olivia was tired of being his property. In case you thought Fitz was completely under Olivia’s spell, Fitz knew that Olivia loved showing off her influence. Things just got nastier between them. Olivia blasted Fitz as an “ineffectual” president. That’s when Fitz said that Olivia was worse than Mellie.

Finally, Olivia stuck the knife in Fitz’s heart, but not deep enough to ruin him. “There is no us. There is no future,” Olivia said. Fitz didn’t want to believe it was really over. They just needed time. “We were already broken going in,” Olivia continued. Fitz admitted that Olivia only liked him unavailable. Honestly, he’s right. Olivia loved the chase. When she got what she wanted, Fitz wasn’t nearly as interesting anymore. But that doesn’t justify everything Fitz has done.

Olivia was right, too. They were broken going in. They’ve always been damaged, but I think Fitz truly believed they could put a band-aid on their problems and get through it. But the abortion… that might be the final straw for Olitz. I don’t know if Fitz could ever get over that if he found out. I understand why Olivia did it, but she must know it will destroy Fitz.

Olivia moved out of the White House and went back to her apartment. Fitz spent Christmas alone. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for everyone. Charlie showed up on Quinn’s doorstep. Huck dropped Rowan off at his house, and Jake was waiting there. At first, I thought that Jake would kill Rowan, but he didn’t. He walked with Rowan into the house. Has Jake forgiven Rowan? Or is he just trying to get close to him and regain his trust only to betray him?

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— Avery Thompson