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Kylie Jenner Begging Sister Kendall To Attend Tyga’s 26th Birthday Bash

Thu, November 19, 2015 8:22pm EDT by 12 Comments

Kylie Jenner is begging her sister Kendall to support her relationship with Tyga by showing up to his 26th birthday party on Nov. 19. How likely is that to happen? A source told EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s what we know.

Kendall Jenner, 20, is not hiding her dislike for 18-year-old sister Kylie‘s boyfriend Tyga, 26. Now, Kylie is begging her to attend his 26th birthday party on Nov. 19, and a source told EXCLUSIVELY if that’s going to happen. We’ve got the scoop!

Kylie has missed her boyfriend dearly while she was jetting around with Kendall promoting their Forever New fashion line. Luckily, she’s back just in time to celebrate Tyga’s 26th birthday! However, her sister isn’t quite as enthusiastic. “Kylie’s so excited to be back and celebrate Tyga’s birthday,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “On the way home,  all she did was talk about Tyga and how she can’t wait to be in his arms and kiss him, and it annoyed Kendall.” Uh oh. We all have that one friend that can’t shut up about her awesome guy, but how can you get pissed at your own sister? “It was as if Kylie was throwing her relationship in Kendall’s face to watch her get annoyed.” You can shop Kylie’s shade of nude lipstick on Amazon, HERE!

But Kylie reportedly didn’t have that intention at all! Kendall has been really hard on her relationship with Tyga lately, and it’s seriously hurting her feelings. “Kylie really wants Kendall to respect and support her relationship with Tyga, and wants Kendall to attend his birthday bash,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kendall’s not at all a Tyga fan and she’s 50/50 on showing up tonight. Kendall’s not fake – she’s not Tyga’s biggest fan and doesn’t want to put on a front. But Kylie’s persistent, telling Kendall to stop being so shady and to support her love for Tyga.”

Jeez. It seems the more romantic and affectonate Tyga gets, the more Kendall hates him. reported EXCLUSIVELY on Nov. 19 that Tyga really wanted to propose to Kylie for his 26th birthday. While he’s refraining because he knows Kylie’s not ready, Kendall was pissed about it. Now Kylie’s being torn in two directions because Tyga is sick of Kendall telling her what to do. Hopefully Kendall will go to Tyga’s party and smooth things over, because it isn’t fair for two people Kylie loves to put so much pressure on her. Good luck, kiddo!

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What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kendall put her feelings aside and show up to Tyga’s party? Sound off below!

— Emy LaCroix, Reporting by Eric Ray Mitchell