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‘HTGAWM’: Who Shot Annalise? — Cast Teases ‘Nutsballs’ Fall Finale

Thu, November 19, 2015 12:39pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

It’s the question we’ve been asking for months: who shot Annalise? spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the stars of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ about each character’s role in the fall finale, everyone’s motives and more!

Buckle up, because the How to Get Away with Murder fall finale is going to be absolutely “nutsballs,” according to star Matt McGorry. caught up with the cast at the show’s Nov. 12 Paley panel, and they spilled EXCLUSIVE scoop on the final episode before hiatus, including some spoilers about the big shooter reveal!

Billy Brown (Nate Lahey)

Nate’s role in midseason finale: 
My role as Nate Lahey moves forward in a direction that I could never see and the audience is never going to believe. In respect to all that’s happened, losing my job, getting arrested, strip search in the shower, getting beat up in jail, my wife having stage 4 cancer, now dying at my hands — between tonight’s episode and next week, things unfold, are revealed and set up the back half of the season in a way that you would not be able to believe.

Aja Naomi King (Michaela Pratt)

Who do you think shot Annalise?
I really thought it was possible for anyone to have shot her because we all have a motive at this point. As you’ll see in our winter finale, you will understand immediately why it happens, and I think it will more than meet and possibly exceed your expectations.

Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh)

What can you tease about the finale? 
I will say it was the most difficult episode for me, Jack, to film.

Liza Weil (Bonnie Winterbottom)

Do think Bonnie is capable of hurting Annalise?
I think every single one of the characters are capable of hurting Annalise, and I think the writers have all done a really great job of giving everyone a really strong motivation for being the person that shot her and it all shakes out. I will say that the person they chose is really smart, and it’s very exciting. 

Charlie Weber (Frank Delfino)

Could Frank be the one to hurt Annalise? 
Anything’s possible. The short answer is no, he loves Annalise. He feels like he owes her a lot. He protects her around every corner, so it would be odd to think he would want to hurt her.

At the end of the day, can Annalise trust Frank?
I feel she can. I think Frank puts it out on the line for her, and if she can trust one person, it’s Frank. They’ve done so much bad sh*t together…

Matt McGorry (Asher Millstone)

What’s Asher’s role in the finale?
We’ve already started to see a difference in how he was in season one from sort of the light-hearted nature he had — it’s gotten darker, deeper and more complex. I think we’re really going to see that snowball and start to really get more complex and darker. It’s going to be crazy.

Describe the finale in a few words.
Absolutely, insanely, monumentally, absurdly nutsballs.

The How To Get Away With Murder fall finale airs Nov. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Catch up on the show by buying the first season on Amazon NOW!

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HollywoodLifers, who do you think shot Annalise? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson