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Paris Attacks: The Moment ISIS Terrorists Opened Fire On Bataclan — Graphic Video

Sun, November 15, 2015 10:52am EDT by 1 Comment

A horrific video captured the moment four ISIS militants began shooting at the crowd during the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Batalcan theater in Paris, taking 100 people hostage and killing 89. It’s another shocking development in a truly unconscionable tragedy.

New footage shows what happened when terrorists unleashed on the crowd at the Bataclan on November 13, about 30 minutes into the Eagles of Death Metal‘s set. Though the killers and their victims are not seen, the sound of gunfire and the look of sheer horror on the band’s faces is devastating. Click through to watch — this video may be sensitive to some readers due to its very graphic nature.

The video shows the moment when gunfire rang out in the crowded Bataclan concert hall, where hundreds were enjoying the Eagles of Death Metal show. The band is busy jamming on stage, unaware of what’s going to happen next. Shortly after the video begins, loud gunfire is heard on the left side of the theater. When we say loud, we mean loud; it’s enough to drown out the band — and this wasn’t some mellow acoustic affair.

The band looks stunned, immediately stopping in their places, instruments in hand. The noise sounds a bit like fireworks at first — that’s what some survivors said they believed it was (who would ever think it was gunfire first?). But the reality of the situation sinks in, and as soon as the band recognizes what’s happening, they react quickly. Their drummer ducks down for cover under his drum kit, while the guitarist runs off the stage. It’s unfathomable how absolutely terrifying this must have been.

We know that the entire band made it out of the venue safely, fleeing out a back door exit before the hostages were taken. This has been confirmed by the U.S. State Department and their families. Unfortunately, their merchandise manager Nick Alexander was one of the 89 murdered in the Bataclan. The band, Nick’s family and girlfriend Poline Buckley shared the devastating news with fans, after first reporting that some of the crew was missing.

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Our thoughts are with those in Paris at this time.

— Samantha Wilson