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One Direction ‘Made In The A.M.’ Album Review: Their Most Diverse Album Yet

Fri, November 13, 2015 6:30am EDT by 10 Comments

One Direction has done it again! They’ve created an incredible album full of captivating songs for us to enjoy forever and ever (and ever). Their fifth album, ‘Made In The A.M,’ is by far their most diverse one to date with so many different kinds of song!

The day is finally here! Nov. 13: the day One Direction‘s fifth album Made In The A.M. officially comes out. Now it’s time to analyze each and every single song! As a true Directioner, I have provided my honest opinions and thoughts on each track. Is this their best album yet?!

1.) Hey Angel

What a great album opener! This song has a catchy, upbeat sound that is sure to put anyone in a good mood. I would say this is totally a song someone would enjoy listening to cruising in their car with the top down. The song totally has an Oasis vibe to it, which I personally love. One of my favorites on the album, for sure!

2.) Drag Me Down

This song was One Direction’s first single off this new album, so many people have already heard it, but it never gets old. It’s such a sing-out-loud-until-you’ve-lost-your-vocie song. Also, Harry’s high note. Enough said.

3.) Perfect

Yes, this is the “Taylor Swift” song, but we will brush passed that. Perfect is also one of my favorite’s on this album — it’s such an uplifting love song with great lyrics and a great beat. It fits perfectly in this diverse album and the video is incredible.

4.) Infinity

This song is one of the slower ones on the album (there are quite a few slow ones this time around) but it has a nice build and a cool chorus. I almost wish the build would have led to a more epic chorus, but the music picks up at the end and it makes up for the average chorus.

5.) End of the Day

Okay, this song is…confusing. It starts off sounding like it’s going to be great but then the chorus comes and it’s like “UMM is this even the same song? Is this an error?” This song sounds like two different songs mashed together. I like the song that’s not the chorus (if that counts for anything). Sorry to anyone who likes this song, I was just very confused by it.

6.) If I Could Fly

Ugh. Where do I even start with this song? We all know this song is LARRY AF. If you need the proof: you can read more HERE. Okay, back to the actual song. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL. It’s another one of the slower songs but it’s personally my favorite of the slow songs on this album. The words, the music, the voices are all so amazing. Seriously, listen to this song and TRY not to tear up.

7.) Long Way Down

This song is apparently about the boys taking a break after this album release, which is like V sad. It’s another slow song, but one of the more boring ones, in my opinion. It’s pretty and has a nice beat (and the boys sound great) but it’s a bit…bleh. Not one of my favorites.

8.) Never Enough

After one listen, it’s clear that this is the song Niall wrote. It’s SO upbeat and happy and dancey — I love it! The beginning sounds like it belongs on the Jungle Book soundtrack. It’s so different from anything One Direction’s done and that’s one of the reason’s it’s so great. It adds to the diverse mix of songs included on this album!

9.) Olivia

Beatles anyone?! This song totally sounds like a Beatles song in the best way possible. It’s so cheerful and jolly and happy. This will definitely be a great song to listen to during the holidays.

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10.) What A Feeling

Louis has said this song (which he co-wrote) has a Fleetwood Mac influence and I defiantly hear that. It’s a very chill song and it’s very different from anything they’ve ever done (again).

11.) Love You, Goodbye

Another slowy but goody (see what I did there?) This song is heartbreaking and beautiful and everything I’d expect from a One Direction breakup song. This song will make you think of your ex for sure.

12.) I Want to Write You a Song

Okay so, like I said, this album has so many slow songs, and this is yet another one! It’s one of the best slow ones on the album, in my opinion. The acoustic sounds are beautiful and the lyrics are touching. Liam has said this one is his favorite and I totally see why.

13.) History

This is one of my favorites on the album. It has a very fun/campfire/Toy Story sound to it. Imagining the boys all sitting around a campfire with guitars singing this song gives me the feels. “This is not the end,” is one of the lyrics they sing, which also gives me the feels! The boys are basically saying they have too much history to be done for good — hallelujah!

14.) Temporary Fix

“No Control” Part 2 is pretty much what this song is. So, this one is their token “one night stand” track on the album and it’s really good! It’s super upbeat and super feel-good.

15.) Walking in the Wind

This is another song that I feel sounds very mature and different. It has a nice jingle to it and it’s definitely another song to cruise in the car too. It’s not slow, but it’s not fast, it’s very chill and catchy with a great chorus.

16.) Wolves

Such a fun song! It kind of sounds a bit “old-fashion” and not from this decade, which I think is very cool! It’s about trying to pick up a hot girl at a bar and all the other guys (wolves) trying to steal her away, according to Liam. It’s definitely a fun song, but not one of my favorites.

17.) A.M.

Yep, the boys say “ASSES” in this song! How amazing?! This feel-good song is about sitting around at the end of the night and just laughing and having a great time and that’s how you’ll feel when listening to this track. It’s definitely one of my favorite!

IN CONCLUSION: OBSESSED. I really wanted to say it’s my favorite One Direction album, but unfortunately, I can’t say that. Not because this album was at all bad, but they just have so many good ones! But Made In The A.M. would def be up there if I was forced to put the albums in order from best to worst (DON’T MAKE ME.)

HollywoodLifers, which song is your favorite? Let us know all of your thoughts on this new album in the comments below!

— Shira Benozilio