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‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Reveals All To Fitz & [SPOILER] Kidnaps Rowan

Thu, November 12, 2015 10:20pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

No one saw that ending coming. Fitz finally found out the truth about Rowan’s escape on the Nov. 12 episode of ‘Scandal,’ and someone you never saw coming kidnapped Rowan! Will [SPOILER] end up killing him?

Secrets finally came out on the Nov. 12 episode of Scandal. Rowan revealed to Olivia that someone was out for his blood, Olivia finally admitted her part in Rowan’s escape to Fitz, Cyrus tried to get back on top and [SPOILER] kidnapped Rowan!

Olivia had weathered the initial storm of being Fitz’s girlfriend, and now she was attending dinners like she was the First Lady. Mellie won’t like that. Olivia made quite a splash with a foreign prime minster and got a case right at the dinner table. The translator knew of a weapons facility that the U.S. didn’t know about, and this could upset a major accord Fitz had planned.

Cyrus didn’t want to blow the accord, so Olivia asked to let her and the Gladiators handle it. More than ever before, Cyrus was seething over Olivia. She was running Fitz’s life, and there was nothing he could do about it — for now. But Cyrus always finds a way to turn everything on its head. 

On her way to the office, Mellie called Olivia. She needed her help. Olivia didn’t want to help, but Mellie warned her that if she didn’t help, then she would tell Fitz what she did. As Olivia was about to head up into the elevator at OPA, Tom stopped her. He brought his “Helen of Troy” to Rowan, who admitted that he was being hunted.

“You should be afraid because I am afraid,” Rowan said, almost like he knew his time was coming to an end. He vowed to protect her as long as he was alive. But if he did die, “I’ve already given you everything you need to survive,” he said. And Rowan’s right. No matter what she thought of him, he did his best for her. Olivia immediately went to Huck to ask about Lazarus One.

‘I Was Supposed To Choose You’

In the meantime, Olivia went to talk to Navid about what he knew. Before he talked, he wanted protection. Olivia agreed to keep him safe, but he needed to ‘fess up first about the secret weapons facility. When Olivia and the Gladiators thought he had lied, Olivia denied Navid his asylum.

Cyrus must have known Olivia knew something about Rowan’s release. He went right to David to open up an investigation for Papa Pope. David wanted to use every resource Washington had, and that’s exactly what Cyrus wanted.

Olivia just can’t let Jake go. She called him to vent about her father. She truly believed her father was the innocent one this time. Jake didn’t want to hear it. He would be more than happy to kill Rowan with his bare hands. Olivia then brought their relationship into play.

“I was supposed to choose you,” Olivia said. “When you told me Fitz loved me and that I should go to him, you really meant was that you wanted me to say I didn’t love him. I was supposed to choose you.”

That was not what Jake wanted to hear. “You were supposed to be too good for me. It never crossed my mind that I would be too good for you,” Jake snapped.

The Door To Madness

After her failed attempt with Jake, Olivia vented to Abby, who warned her to tell Fitz about Rowan right this second. Abby revealed that Cyrus was working with David to hunt Rowan. Olivia was going to tell Fitz. But once she did, he wouldn’t be able to keep Rowan alive, even for Olivia’s sake. Olivia didn’t want to let go of her father. “I’m not ready to be done,” Olivia said.

Huck and Jake were sort of working together to find Rowan. Someone had activated Lazarus One, whatever it was. Huck was able to get Jake intel, but he couldn’t go any further. If Huck opened the door to madness once more, he wouldn’t be able to close it ever again. Nice choice, Huck.

While Olivia and Fitz were in bed, she had the perfect moment to tell him about Rowan, but she didn’t. Let’s just say when she did tell him, her explanation fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, David and Liz were hooking up in coat closets. Classy.

In a shocking twist, Navid was right about the secret weapons facility. The soda factory was a coverup. Olivia managed to get Abby to stop Fitz from signing the treaty initially. Navid would rather die than go back to Bandar, and he slit his wrists in the hospital. Thankfully, Olivia found him before it was too late. Fitz later signed the treaty and let the prime minister know that he was about to bomb that weapons facility in Bandar.

Trapped In The White Castle

When he wasn’t banging Liz, David had found the person who turned the key to Rowan’s escape — Olivia. FBI agents arrested her at the White House, and Cyrus cheered. Fitz made his way to where Olivia was taken — just like we saw in the opening moments — and took the handcuffs off of her. He has so much faith in Olivia. It’s kind of devastating how much he loves her.

“You wouldn’t do that to me. You’re not Mellie,” Fitz said to Olivia. That’s when she told him everything. He was completely shocked. She begged him not to leave her, but he did. Despite that jaw-dropping moment, Fitz wanted the charges against Olivia dropped.

Fitz had Olivia released, as we all knew he would. Jake let Fitz know that he had found Rowan, Fitz just wanted to know “when it was done.” When Jake went to look for Rowan, Tom was dead (!) and Rowan was gone. Fitz told Olivia that Jake was not going to kill Rowan. But as his punishment for what she had done, Olivia was now a full-time resident of the White House. She was practically trapped, and we all know Olivia doesn’t like that.

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Someone had Rowan, and it was someone we all know and love — HUCK! “I have some questions for you,” Huck asked Rowan. OMG! Is Huck working for whoever is running Lazarus One, or is he Lazarus One? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Do you think Huck will kill Rowan? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson