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Gwen Stefani: Have A Blast With Blake Shelton & Don’t Look Back At Gavin Rossdale

Thu, November 12, 2015 7:16pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments

Gwen Stefani, you’ve ‘no doubt’ been through hell and back after the devastating betrayal by your ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Now,you deserve to have fun and be adored. Don’t allow yourself one second of guilt over leaving Gavin behind.

Gwen Stefani, don’t spend one moment beating yourself up for being a devoted wife to Gavin Rossdale, 50, while he was a dog. Now that you’ve filed for divorce and had to deal with the news going public that Gavin allegedly cheated on you with your nanny, Mindy Mann, you can move on. The worst is over. You’ve survived and you’ve done it in style, with your head held high, while coaching your team brilliantly on The Voice.

Now, you should allow yourself to have a blast with your new man, Blake Shelton, 39. You deserve it. You deserve to be with a man that appreciates your smarts, your talent, your depth of character, your commitment to your three kids, and of course your beauty — both inner and outer. You need that. There’s got to be nothing more ego-killing than finding out that the man that you have loved and been married to for 13 years has allegedly been cheating on you for three years. And in your own house…with the nanny.

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It’s devastating. Gavin totally betrayed your trust in the most devious way. But that only proves that he isn’t worthy of another moment of your precious time. You don’t need to spend one more second of your life saddled to a man as selfish as Gavin. Instead, let yourself enjoy time with your biggest cheerleader — Blake. Blake is serving as your “rock right now”, an insider told

“It was incredibly tough on Gwen having to put on a smile and show up to the Voice [the very day] the nanny scandal went public,” the insider told us exclusively. At first she was completely devastated and didn’t want to face the public, but Blake was right there by her side cheering her on.” Well, Gwen, you need a cheerleader right now. Even if you and Blake don’t end up becoming a longterm couple, it’s fabulous that you have a guy who thinks you walk on water to give you much needed support.

“They laugh, tell jokes, go to dinners, watch movies and TV. He adores her. It’s really cute,” a source close to Blake told Us Weekly. “They are having the best time together,” another family source told the mag. Well, why not? You’ve just spent years of allegedly living with suspicions that your ex-husband Gavin cheated, and that’s incredibly stressful. Well, Gwen, 46,  you can totally put Gavin in your romantic past. He didn’t deserve you, Instead, let yourself luxuriate in Blake’s adoration.

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— Bonnie Fuller