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‘AYTO’ Recap: The Men Would Rather Lose $750K Than Be Kiki’s Match

Wed, November 11, 2015 11:01pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment

Week after week, Kiki goes into the truth booth on ‘Are You The One?’ — so much that it seems like the whole point of the show is to find her match. However, she still can’t stay away from Devin and well, everyone’s really sick of it.

It’s week eight on Are You the One? but it might as well be day one. Kiki and Devin are still sleeping together this week, but she decided to tell everyone in the house how bad he was. Naturally, it turned into World War 50 and he called her “f–king stupid.”

Again, I don’t know why non-matches still hang out, but my favorite of the not-so-smart couples are Mike and Amanda, who also went to bed together this week. No, they’re not being smart but they don’t annoy me like Kiki and Devin do. However, when Kiki and Devin scream and the rest of the house gets involved and feel bad for her, this is my thought:


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Anyway, this week at the challenge, the girls’ exes showed up to reveal some dirt about their relationships. The new guys had to guess which dirt belonged to which girl. So this was all about how well the guys knew the ladies (and if they could put a ring around a hook). The winners were Hunter, Nelson and Austin and they chose Amanda, Kiki, and Kayla — her first date! So, off to spear fishing they went. After the date, Kiki and Nelson were sent into the truth booth.

Does This House Want To Win?

She’s literally sent in every week — and they were not a match. So her match has to be Mike, Alec or Tyler. However, when it came time for the ceremony, none of them chose her. Literally, does this house know how the game works? I do have to give props to Alec who finally gave into to Stacey after seeing all the sweet things that her ex said about her — he realized she may be clingy, but she also may be his match. So I don’t blame him for not picking her… but to the other two, I just can’t. Here’s how the choices broke down:

Mike chose Mel
Hunter chose Britni
Alec chose “mom” Stacey (he liked her again BTW)
Tyler chose Cheyenne
Chuck chose Amanda
Devin chose Rashida, and then threw an embarrassing fit at the house
Zak chose Hannah
Nelson chose Kayla
Austin (by default) chose Kiki, even though we knew weren’t they a match

And once again, they only got three beams total. Literally every week — and nobody was surprised. Maybe they don’t want to win? We’ll see!

— Emily Longeretta