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ISIS Massacres: 200 Syrian Children In Most Horrifying Action Yet — Video Emerges

Mon, November 9, 2015 12:58pm EDT by 7 Comments
Courtesy of Militant Website

The terrorist group, ISIS, lined up and shot 200 Syrian children in a mass execution, which can be seen in a horrific new video. Truly sickening.

ISIS, the jihadist extremist militant group, filmed a devastating video, in which militants lined up 200 Syrian children before shooting and killing them. In the extremely disturbing footage, which was circulated by a Yemen-based anti-ISIS activist group, more than a dozen members force the many children to lie with their faces in the dirt, and then proceed to open fire with handguns and rifles. You can watch the video inside, but we will warn that it is graphic and likely one of the worst things you will ever see.

The children lie face down, in a straight, long-spanning line, awaiting their untimely and brutal deaths. One of the group’s members begins to fire individual shots, killing the children one at a time, moving down the line. Simultaneously, the group’s other members begin to open fire. As the massacre unfolds, dust obscures some of the horrific violence, however, it is still incredibly disturbing. You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE, but one more time, we will say it is disturbing and graphic.

While it is not known exactly where this gruesome video takes place, it is thought to have been filmed in Syria somewhere, where ISIS has control of a territory which includes the terrorist group’s capitol, Raqqa.

Though the sound in the video has been slightly redacted, muffling the noises from the children, the gunfire is unmistakable– and it is truly sickening. None of the 200 children are said to have survived the terror.

This is just mind boggling and horrific and, truly, there aren’t enough words to adequately relay the devastation. We send all of our thoughts and prayers to these innocent children and their families, and pray that this senseless violence will soon be stopped.

— Susan Johnson