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Los Angeles Residents Freak Out Over ‘UFO’ Sighting In The Sky — Watch

Sun, November 8, 2015 11:00am EDT by Avery Thompson 10 Comments

A few Los Angeles residents were minding their own business when they saw a strange blue light in the sky that prompted them to think of one very scary thing — a UFO! Click to WATCH the creepy video and decide for yourself if there are aliens among us!

Are we truly alone in the universe? After watching this video, you might not think so. Los Angeles residents, as well as other California and Nevada residents, were left stunned after a strange blue light was seen streaking across the sky on Nov. 7. Scary? Yes. Do we need answers? Absolutely.

At first, the strange object appeared as an orange light and moving very fast. All of a sudden, the orange light transformed into a giant blue light in a “circular haze.” It was huge — there’s no way you could have missed this thing in the sky. The object itself was never seen in full, which makes the whole thing super creepy and suspicious, just like how saucer-shaped clouds were seen in South Africa a day later.

The guy recording the video, Julien Solomita, said “it was easily the craziest thing I’ve witnessed.” During the video, Julien and his friends can be heard freaking out over what they’re watching.

The government was quick to issue a statement about the nature of the mysterious object that the people of Los Angeles and the surrounding area saw in the sky. It was a Trident missile test-fired by the Navy, a Navy spokesman told The San Diego-Union Tribune. “The Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted the scheduled Trident missile test flight at sea from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California,” the outlet reports.

Um, OK. Still, though. There are flights coming in and out of Los Angeles CONSTANTLY. What if you were sitting on a plane and saw THAT in the sky? It was pretty terrifying regardless of what it actually was.

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Nighttime flights into and out of Los Angeles International Airport will have to avoid passing over the Pacific Ocean west of the airport for the coming week because the U.S. military is using airspace there, Reuters reports.

HollywoodLifers, do you think that was an alien UFO? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson