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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: [SPOILER] Reveals That She’s Pregnant

Sun, November 8, 2015 10:01pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

Baby on board in the apocalypse! That’s right, someone on ‘The Walking Dead’ is expecting… but who? Check out the FULL RECAP below!

On the Nov. 8 episode of The Walking Dead, the town of Alexandria gets a terrifying surprise when the walker herd finally ends up at their front door. Literally. Unfortunately the town has bigger problems as insiders begin to turn on their own neighbors, and one unlucky apocalypse survivor reveals that she’s going to have a baby… with or without her husband.

If any episode of The Walking Dead has hit the ground running, it’s this one. Although the opening scene of Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) climbing to the top of the watch tower appears slow, it’s what happens next that takes us to another level.

Just as Michonne (Danai Gurira) is quietly explaining to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) why Glenn (Steven Yeun) didn’t come back with her you can hear a man’s voice screaming for someone to open the gates. Deanna turns to see a mass hoard of walkers headed straight for Alexandria, and who is running just a few feet in front of them? Rick. He makes it in with just barely a few inches between him and the walkers, their hungry hands reaching through the gate within seconds of Michonne pulling it shut. I guess the people of Alexandria can no longer say they’ve never come face-to-face with a walker before!

Some townies start to put reinforcements on the wall, and Rick gives a speech explaining what happened and how they’ll survive. For now he wants everyone to keep as quiet as possible inside the walls, and to close their blinds at night or keep their lights off. He assures everyone that when Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha get back with the cars they’ll be able to draw the hoard away, and then he looks directly at Maggie when he says he believes Glenn and Nicholas will come walking through the front gate once it’s open again. Awkward.

When some of the Alexandrians get skeptical of Rick’s new plan it’s Aaron who, surprisingly, steps up to defend him. He tells everyone how this is only half of the hoard, and that the rest of them were successfully driven away thanks to the plan he drummed up. Then he reveals that it’s his fault the Wolves found them because he got stuck in a trap and left his bag full of pictures behind. Deanna was listening quietly up until this point when she decides to turn around and walk away, ignoring even Tobin as he calls after her. Everything she’s worked so hard for is gone, and now it seems she might be, too.

In the meantime there is nothing left to do but try and clean up Alexandria. As viewers we must not forget that in real time the attack on the town only just happened within the past few hours. We’re still on the very same day as when the season began, so these people have been through more in less than 24 hours than they have in an entire lifetime. We focus in on Jessie as she drags the female Wolf out of her kitchen leaving a trail of blood behind that’s definitely going to stain those pretty hardwood floors. She brings the body to the graveyard inside Alexandria only to find a pile of other dead Wolves unburied. Instead of leaving another one out to rot she grabs a shovel, but that’s when Rick shows up and tells her to stop. He tells her the same thing he told Morgan, that they “don’t bury killers” inside the walls. When Jessie points out that they can’t exactly leave, he tells her they will just have to wait.

Unfortunately the people of Alexandria seem to have given up on life as they know it because their first target is the pantry. The woman in charge of the pantry is trying to explain why they need to ration their food, but the people aren’t hearing it. Instead they barge past her and grab what they please. When the woman in charge realizes that Deanna is standing there watching she looks to her for help… but receives nothing in return. Instead, it’s Deanna’s son, Spencer, who walks in and demands everyone stop raiding the only food they have left. It takes him a few minutes, but eventually he convinces them that this is the moment that will ruin Alexandria and everything they’ve worked for. The people listen, and Deanna seems pleasantly surprised at her son’s actions for the very first time. Could he be the one to takeover her position in the town?

In another part of town Aaron is walking through and watching the clean up process take place. He spots Maggie in the park area alone, and then he spots a few people painting “In Memoriam” names on the inside of their wall. Whose name is at the very bottom in a fresh coat of black paint? Glenn. When Aaron turns to look at Maggie again he sees her heading towards the armory and it looks like she’s trying to leave. He confronts her inside about it, and just when she thinks he’s come to stop her he reveals he’s going with her to find Glenn.

Deanna Finds Herself Again… Briefly

Whatever happened in the pantry seems to have inspired Deanna because the next place we see her is in her husband Reg’s office. She pulls out the map of Alexandria and immediately starts marking it up, laying out preliminary plans for the farm area Maggie picked out as well as a new place for education since they have quite a few young kids in their walls now. Once she’s done she smiles, maybe for the first time since Reg was killed and everything went to crap, but then she hears a glass break in the kitchen and follows the sound. It’s Spencer, he’s wasted, and he apparently raided the pantry after lecturing everyone else not to. When Deanna tries to snap him out of it he completely loses it on her and blames her not just for Alexandria not being safe, but for the deaths of his father and brother, too. As soon as the words come out of his mouth he realizes what he’s done and silently walks away. So much for Deanna snapping out of her post-Reg funk.

In another part of town Carl approaches Ron who is sitting in the grass stabbing the ground… which is totally normal, non-psychotic behavior, right? To be fair Ron has been through a lot too, but he seems even more aggressive towards Carl. When Carl mentions that Enid is missing and he wants to go find her Ron refuses to help and then flips out by saying he’ll tell Rick and everyone else that Carl left, which will put everyone in danger. The two boys go at it, but it’s eventually Ron left laying on his back in the grass as Carl walks away unharmed. “You saved my life and now I’m saving yours,” Ron tells Carl from the ground, demanding he doesn’t leave Alexandria to find Enid. Uh, sorry Ron, but I’m pretty sure this is not the same thing.

After his run-in with Carl, Ron makes his way to the watch tower to talk to Rick. He tells him that Enid is missing and that Carl wants to go after her. Rick’s first question is whether or not Carl has left Alexandria, but Ron claims he just saw Carl with Judith sitting on the porch. Um, is he lying? Either way he takes over watch for Rick, but not before asking to learn how to shoot.

Back at the infirmary, Denise is struggling with being the town doctor because not only did someone already die on her watch, but now she has to save Scott’s life. She tells Tara that he’s not waking up and his leg wound is infected, so she doesn’t know what to do next. Despite the fact that Scott may be dying, Tara reminds Denise that she’s still there and has the courage to keep trying no matter what happens. Her words are encouraging, but will they help Denise save Scott?

Later we see Denise flipping through another medical book when she comes across something that makes her say, “Hot damn.” Next she uses a needle to suck out what looks to be the infection in Scott’s leg, or at least a large part of it. Once she’s done she goes looking for Tara and kisses her. Guess Eugene’s out of this ballgame!

When we return to Jessie she’s walking down the street when she notices one of her neighbor’s houses seems a little too quiet. She approaches the living room window where a curtain is moving and that’s when a woman walker slams itself up against the window. Jessie immediately notices that the walker’s wrists are slit, revealing how the woman died. She bravely pulls out her knife and opens the front door just enough to stab the woman in the eye and kill her for good. Unfortunately a group of townies have assembled in the street to watch in horror, and Jessie turns around to remind that this is what their lives look like now. Then she just walks away… leaving the dead woman lying in the doorway.

Maggie Drops A Bombshell On Aaron

Aaron takes Maggie down into the sewer so that they can get out of Alexandria safely without crossing paths with the walker hoard outside of the walls. It’s dark and wet down there, but seems relatively safe… until they encounter two skeletal walkers who have been soaking in dirty water for who knows how long. One overwhelms Maggie, and when she tries to push him away her hands get stuck under his skin. It’s Aaron who eventually kills both walkers, saving Maggie and proving that his coming with her is already a great idea. She tries to convince him to go back when she notices he’s injured his head and might need stitches, but he refuses. At this point I’m just anxious to see if they find/discover Glenn before it’s too late. That is, if it isn’t too late already… which many people believe it is.

But, something stops Maggie once they reach the gate to the outside. It’s not the lurking walkers either, because even Aaron says they can get through them. Maggie yells at him to stop trying to open the gate so loudly it draws the walkers right towards them, and soon enough they are reaching through the bars hoping to take a bite. That’s when Maggie drops a major bomb on Aaron: she’s pregnant. SHE’S PREGNANT!

Maggie breaks down after that, tearing up as she tells Aaron she burned Glenn’s last picture of her because she didn’t think he would need it anymore. Then she admits she wishes she had been with Glenn because she could have helped him if she was. “I don’t know if he’s alive. He would have shown me by now, that’s what Michonne said,” Maggie says through tears. “I don’t get to know what will happen. I don’t get to know why it happened,” she continues. It’s heartbreaking to watch because the truth is… we don’t even know if Glenn is dead. Aaron pulls her in for a tight hug and that’s the last we see of them before they head back.

After that moment tugs at our heart strings we then learn that Jessie’s youngest son, Sam (Major Dodson), refuses to go downstairs inside their home. Even after his mom bakes him a fresh batch of cookies and asks him to come down the stairs just halfway to get one, he won’t budge. When asked why he refuses to leave the top floor he tells Jessie that it “didn’t change” up there. His fear has consumed him, and it’s going to be a long time before Jessie can snap him out of it, too.

Rick & Jessie Have Another Moment

That night Deanna is returning some of the things Spencer stole to the pantry when a walker nearly grabs her. Her rage finally escapes her when she grabs a broken bottle and uses it to repeatedly stab the walker in the chest, making it clear that she might not be aware they need to be struck in the head in order to stop. She gets lucky when Rick catches wind of what’s happening and rushes over to stab the walker in the head with his knife. Covered in blood Deanna tells him, “I want to live.” He tells her that she needs to lead the people of Alexandria, but Deanna is quick to call it like it is: “They don’t need me, Rick. What they need is you.”

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When Maggie and Aaron return to Alexandria it’s their turn to take watch in the tower. It’s clear that Maggie’s mind is running a mile a minute, and she excuses herself for a moment. A moment later we watch as she washes Glenn’s name off of the memorial wall, and without even realizing he followed her Aaron starts to help her. He then tells her that when Glenn gets back, Aaron is a name that works for both male and females. Dreamy sigh, Aaron!

The last thing we see is Rick showing up in Jessie’s garage to tell her he’s waiting to bury the bodies to find out where Glenn is. He’s also worried about Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham… and it’s unusual for him to admit that he’s so concerned. It shows exactly how much he not only cares about Jessie, but how much he trusts her. She’s quick to comfort him, too, by reminding him that they could still be alive. He repeats her own words back to her: “This is what life looks like now.” A moment later Rick carefully steps forward and takes Jessie’s face in his hands so that he can kiss her. The kiss lasts for quite a moment, and when the camera pans back their arms are wrapped around each other. Get a room, you two!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you surprised that Maggie is pregnant? Do you think there is a chance Glenn is alive? What do you think about Jessie and Rick getting together so quickly? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox