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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids If A Woman Could Be President: They’re ‘Too Girly’

Fri, November 6, 2015 10:45am EDT by Add first Comment

We literally can’t stop laughing at this video. Jimmy Kimmel did his recent hit segment, interviews with an ‘out of focus’ group, and asked four children if a woman could be President of the United States. The answers are hilarious — watch!

It’s Jimmy Kimmel‘s new go-to gag, having an “out of focus group” of kids discuss hot topics. On the Nov. 5 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he sat four children down to discuss the idea of having a woman president and made sure to bring along a special guest.

As Jimmy sat down four kids, two boys and two girls, the hilarity started right off the bat. He asked them if a woman could be president and one boy stated, “I think women are not presidents.” Then the other piped in and added, “They’re too girly. They’ll make girls rules. Like free makeup in the world.” That’s all the fire the boys needed, because the other spoke up again, “They would make the White House girly… paint it pink.”

The segment got very sexist at one point, when Jimmy asked them if women can do anything men can and one boy really went to town with his opinion. So are women just as smart as men? The boy continued and dismissed that as well. Honestly, what are his parents teaching him? Jimmy was even shocked at his answers and tells him, “Wow. I’m imagining you in the future right now.”

Then in walks Hillary Clinton, and actually 3 out of 4 of the kids knew who she was. “I’m really happy to meet you,” she told the kids. “I’m running to be the president.” The outspoken boy asked her: “Is it hard?”– to which she replied, “It’s really hard.”

When Jimmy asked them what laws she could make if she was president, one kid stated, “She could make up a law for people to have free food in restaurants,” while another said, “If you go to a store and you have to buy something, I want it to be free.” As for the outspoken boy, he said “No school.” Yet, he still wasn’t on board with the fact that she could possibly be president soon. Hillary told him, “Yeah, I had two brothers, so I kinda get all of this.”

In the end the kids got the best prize of all, “Let’s go outside and run around,” Jimmy told them and a unanimous cheer erupted from the children.

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— Brittany King