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‘Scandal’ Recap: Jake Tells Olivia Off & She Lies To Fitz About Rowan

Thu, November 5, 2015 10:32pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

Olivia continued to spin a very dangerous web after getting Rowan released from prison on the Nov. 5 episode of ‘Scandal.’ Instead of being open and honest, she couldn’t bear to reveal this dark secret to Fitz.

Olivia’s got a secret, and she’s keeping it to herself. On the Nov. 5 episode of Scandal, Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) found her way back to the White House, two characters had a steamy hookup, Jake (Scott Foley) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) let Olivia (Kerry Washington) have it and she refused to admit to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) she got Rowan (Joe Morton) out of prison.

Fitz went before the nation and apologized to everyone — his kids, Mellie and the American people. He vowed to be a better president. It was a nice speech. Fitz shined. It was an all around victory for the White House.

He celebrated the hearings being over with a few of his closest friends. During the celebration, Abby confronted Olivia about how she pulled off getting the senate judiciary committee to drop the investigation. “I don’t want to lie to you,” Olivia said. “Don’t make me.” Cyrus pulled Fitz away from the party to tell him that Rowan and Tom were out of prison. Olivia faked shock and surprise, but when she hugged Fitz, Abby knew she was lying. Bad move, Liv.

Oliva went home and found Jake pissed off and a little tipsy on her couch. He gave her a huge speech that she kind of deserved. He told her that Elise was dead, and Rowan had killed her. But in a roundabout way, Olivia had killed Elise by letting Rowan out. “The woman I love killed the woman I used to love,” Jake said, fully admitting that he still loves and will always love Olivia.

Power Hungry, Entitled & Dangerous

Jake called out Olivia’s “dumb white hat” and said she was her father’s “greatest achievement,” even amidst all the fantastic B613 agents. He said she was “power hungry, entitled and dangerous.” Shots have been FIRED. She kicked him out, but when he left, he gave her a strange goodbye kiss. It was weird considering what all had just been said and the fact that Olivia didn’t exactly pull away.

After hanging out at the White House, Olivia left to go to OPA because of a client. Fitz had called off the FBI search on Rowan in favor of another way. In the meantime, he was doing some presidential duties with the Boy Meets World dad. His character, Frank Holland, was getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

When Olivia walked into OPA, Huck was right there waiting to confront her about Rowan. She settled him down and moved on to the new client. Hannah claimed she’d been raped by none other than Frank Holland. She said he drugged her. Olivia met with Frank, and he revealed that Hannah had plagiarized an essay for his class. They were back to square one. They ended up finding other women who had been lured and raped in the exact same way as Hannah.

Olivia told Fitz about Frank. Honestly, at the moment, Fitz had bigger fish to fry. His number one concern was finding Rowan. He had enlisted JAKE to track down Rowan. Jake admitted — in front of Olivia — that whenever he found Rowan, he was going to kill him.

Getting The Last Laugh

Abby met up with Elizabeth North, who had been offered to go on Sally Langston’s show. She wanted back in the White House, or she would go on the air. Abby went straight to Cyrus — they had to take Liz seriously. David tried to deter Elizabeth from talking by saying she couldn’t talk about classified information, but she called his bluff. She snapped at him and called him a “weasly little troll” and said there was nothing he could do to stop her from talking.

Olivia went face-to-face with Frank and his wife, and things didn’t go as expected. His wife knew about him raping those women. She even defended him. She would stop at nothing to protect his legacy. Yikes. But Olivia and those other 22 women had the last laugh when they all walked into his lecture to stand up against him. It was very Bill Cosby-esque.

After exhausting all options, Cyrus told Fitz he had to call Elizabeth, or she was going to talk. Olivia said to let Elizabeth go on the air. Since Olivia’s word is gold, Fitz let her. In a shocking move, Elizabeth defended Fitz. That certainly caught Sally by surprise. Later, Cyrus learned that Fitz gave her a job — she would be Susan Ross’ new chief of staff. Cyrus was not happy.

‘He’s Not President Anymore. You Are.’

During her victory lap, Liz went to see David. He went on this rant that he didn’t like “anything” about her, but his whole body said otherwise. David liked Liz, and Liz liked David. They had a hot makeout session before making their way to the couch. VP Ross showed up with wine coolers during all of this. For the first time since she’s been on the show, I felt bad for Susan.

Cyrus was just itching to let off steam to someone, and that person was Olivia. He was pissed that he was no longer in charge of Fitz’s presidency, Olivia was. Fitz wasn’t meant to be happy while being president. When Fitz’s happy, he had no control. “He does whatever you say without question,” Cyrus said, hitting the nail on the head. “He’s not president anymore. You are.” BOOM.

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I have a feeling Cyrus is going to be the guy that finds out about Olivia letting Rowan out. And he’ll be the first guy to tell Fitz. Olivia had her chance to tell Fitz what she’d done, but she didn’t. She’d gotten a taste of the power, and now she was owning it. Be careful, Olivia. Power is a very, very dangerous thing.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Are you mad Olivia didn’t tell Fitz about Rowan? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson