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Serena Williams Chases Down Thief & Inspires Women To ‘Fight For What’s Right’ — Watch

Wed, November 4, 2015 11:15am EDT by 3 Comments
Serena Williams Phone Thief
Courtesy of Instagram

Just call her Super Serena! Serena Williams showed a potential phone thief who’s boss and scored points for women everywhere when she chased him down. Justice was served at the Chinese food restaurant that night!

A crazy thing happened to Serena Williams, 34, on Nov. 4. While out to dinner with a friend, her phone was swiped off the chair by a “common petty thief”. Serena recounted the zany story on her Facebook page, and of course she came out on top — read the whole thing here!

UPDATE: WATCH the video here!

It all started when Serena was catching up with her friend. As a guy stood up in the corner of her eye, Serena’s “superhero sense” told her to watch him. “Is he a customer? Is he waiting on the bathroom?” she thought. She kept watching him with an uneasy feeling, and sure enough, he “grabbed [her] phone and swiftly left”! Without wasting a second, Serena leapt from her seat and rushed out the door after him. “I jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant (leaping over a chair or two) and chased him down. He began to run, but I was too fast. (Those sprints came in handy.) I was upon him in a flash!” Serena wrote on Facebook. She then nicely asked him if he “accidentally” took the wrong phone, but his bumbling excuse was no match for the superhero Serena. She got her phone back, having saved the day all by herself!

SuperRena. Movie role next? Action film? Let's do this.

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Serena’s message about the whole debacle is totally inspiring to women everywhere: “Superhero? Maybe? Or HELL YEA!! I’ve got the speed the jumps, the power, the body, the seduction, the sex appeal, the strength, the leadership and yet the calm to weather the storm. Always listen to your superhero inner voice. Always keep your things close! Fight for what’s right. Stand for what you believe in! Be a superhero! When I got back into the restaurant I received a standing ovation. I was proud. I just showed every man in there I can stand up to bully’s and other men. It was a win for the ladies! Just because you are a lady don’t be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero!”

HollywoodLifers, is Serena your favorite superhero? Tell us what you think about this crazy-awesome story!

— Gabriella Ginsberg