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‘Once Upon A Time’: Rumple Proves He’s A Hero In A Shocking Act

Sun, November 1, 2015 9:56pm EDT by Avery Thompson 6 Comments

Emma needed a hero, and she was willing to hold out until the end of the night. Rumple finally stepped up to be the hero we always knew he could be on the Nov. 1 episode, and it was AWESOME!

Emma couldn’t complete the next step in her master plan without a hero, and Rumple was the only guy she needed. On the Nov. 1 episode of Once Upon A Time, the Storybrooke gang realized they couldn’t trust Arthur, Emma made Zelena a wicked offer, Merida finally got her chance to shine and Rumple transformed into a hero.

Merlin, Hook, Charming and Belle went to the dungeons to free Merida. The red-headed gal was still on a mission to save her brothers. Right after she was freed, she knocked Belle unconscious! When Belle woke up, Merida was rowing them to the Shores of Dunbroch.

She needed Belle to help free her brothers. She knew that this group of men trying to take over her kingdom would only free her brothers if she relinquished the throne. She was the rightful queen, she didn’t want men telling her otherwise. But she didn’t believe in herself whole-heartedly. She wanted to use a potion that would transform her into a bear so she could scare off those who were holding her brothers hostage.

Well, the main guy in charge was super hot. He totally gave me a Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones vibe. Belle drank the potion, but Belle soon admitted that she mixed the potion with water. Merida had to come up with a Plan B. She saved her brothers with her bow and arrow, and the men bowed down to their queen. Go, Merida!

Emma found Merlin and finally remembered she knew him from back in the day. He made sure to remind her of what he said all those years ago. “Leave Excalibur alone. The fate of everyone you love rests upon it,” Merlin said. Gulp.

Hero In Training

In the present day, Regina revealed to the crew that they had found Merlin back in Camelot. Eventually, blame was thrown Rumple’s way. If Rumple hadn’t brought the darkness back to Storybrooke, they wouldn’t be in the situation they’re in. They had to contact Merlin, even at the risk of hurting Rumple.

Rumple was a hero in training. Merida was helping him with that. He had to break the cute tea cup to get free. In order to make Rumple a hero, Emma ordered Merida to kill Belle. Rumple managed to find his way to Belle before Merida, and he took the opportunity to thank Belle for keeping him alive while he was in his slumber.

He soon realized that Emma’s whole plan revolved around making him a hero. Rumple didn’t want to become Emma’s slave. He needed to get to the shop to find some magic. In the meantime, Belle gave him some major inspiration that he needed to be the hero she always knew he could be.

They made it to the shop, and Merida nearly killed Belle! Thankfully, some quick thinking on Belle’s part saved her from becoming Merida’s victim.

Next Level Darkness

Over in villain territory, Emma went to visit Zelena. She needed the big bad witch’s help. Zelena was the only one to use Merlin’s wand and live to tell about it. After offering up onion rings, Emma revealed her deal. She would free Zelena and offer her protection from anyone. Zelena complimented Emma on her next level darkness after ripping out Violet’s heart.

Zelena said Henry would never forgive her, and his anger would fester. Emma was still holding onto hope that Henry would eventually forgive her. Zelena refused Emma’s deal and didn’t care what Emma thought about it.

Rumple wanted to get the heck out of Storybrooke with Belle. It was the only way he could escape Emma’s clutches. Or so he thought. “I’m a coward, Belle. That’s never going to change,” he said. Belle wasn’t going to listen to Rumple’s pity party. She walked away from him and encountered Merida once again. Emma forced her to drink the potion that would transform her into a bear. Belle pleaded with Bear Mer not to kill her. Rumple FINALLY stepped up and distracted Bear Mer. He got smacked right in the face but managed to throw the transformation powder in Ber Mer’s mouth, saving them all.

What Did Emma Do?!

Regina and the gang planned to use the magic mushroom to contact Merlin. Arthur offered to help and threw it in the fire when no one was looking. He said the spell didn’t work, but everyone began to see Arthur’s shadiness. Later, they discovered Arthur had lied to them. He’s truly the worst.

There was only one other person in Storybrooke they could could call that was chosen by Merlin — the Author. Henry wanted Emma back and was willing to do whatever it took. When they contacted Merlin, things were worse off than they originally thought. He said that if they were contacting him, the Dark One had found him already. The only one who could help them now was a person named Nimue. Emma better not have hurt a pretty hair on Merlin’s head.

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Over in Emma’s lair, new hero Rumple offered to remove Excalibur in exchange for Merida’s heart. If he couldn’t remove Excalibur, Emma would kill him. Before doing the deed, he told Belle, “I would change everything for you.” He pulled out Excalibur, and it was a magical moment. He then turned to Emma and said that she had just made a huge mistake in turning him into a hero. And I believe him. Also, WHY DOES EXCALIBUR HAVE KILLIAN’S NAME ON IT!! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Once Upon A Time? What did Emma do to Merlin? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson