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‘Once Upon A Time’: ‘Evil’ Emma, Merlin & 5 More Spoilers For Season 5

Mon, September 28, 2015 11:08am EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

‘Once Upon A Time’ is back, and there is so much going on. From Dark Emma to Merlin to Mulan and Ruby’s return, has rounded up 6 key spoilers about the rest of the season!

Season 5 of Once Upon a Time is definitely going to be the most intense ever. The final moments of the Sept. 27 season premiere featured Emma’s full transformation into the Dark One. has 6 major spoilers for the rest of season 5 about evil Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Merlin (Elliot Knight), Zelena (Rebecca Mader) and more!

1. Buckle up, Swan lovers. The Savior is going to be taking an extended vacation. Emma is going to like what she tastes when she experiences the darkness. “Emma is off on this thing and it could be a metaphor for addiction, it could be a metaphor for darkness,” executive producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly. “You’re going to see a lot of the people around her feel powerless in how to help her.”

2. The guy who caught a young Emma stealing a candy bar in the movie theater was Merlin! So, what’s next for the guy? “Why he was warning Emma all those years before, it’s not something we’re going to make you wait the whole half season for,” executive producer Adam Horowitz told the outlet.

3. Zelena is sticking around, and she’s going to be putting up one hell of a fight. But don’t expect her pregnancy to be extended out over the course of the entire fifth season. “I would be disappointed if I didn’t see a baby. I’m sure it wouldn’t happen during sweeps,” Edward told EW.

4. Mulan and Red are coming back this season, and fans will learn what they’ve been up to since we last saw them. As we all know, Mulan is getting a love interest this season!

5. Henry will be falling love this season. We’ll first meet his crush in the second episode while the crew is still in Camelot.

6. Emma becoming the new Dark One will have an impact on everyone, especially her parents. “When you’re married and there’s a bad situation, and you can’t do anything about it, sometimes you turn on each other,” Edward said in the interview. “We’re going to see Snow and Charming fight in a way we’re never seen before. We hope that the fact that they share a heart wins out, but it’s all because of the emotion of them trying to save their daughter.”

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HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the Once Upon a Time season 5 finale? Are you excited for evil Emma? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson