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‘The Warriors’: Actors From Film Recreate Their Final Subway Ride Home

Fri, September 25, 2015 11:08am EDT by 1 Comment

Can you dig it? The cast from the 1979 cult film, ‘The Warriors,’ reunited to recreate one of the movie’s iconic scenes. The gang strapped on their leather vests and boarded a New York City subway to take one last ride to their home in Coney Island. Click to watch!

The Warriors decided to come out and play for one last time. The stars of the underground film of the same name — Michael Beck, David Harris, Terry Michos, Thomas G. Waites and Dorsey Wright — may be older than they were when they filmed the movie in 1979, but they still looked tough while taking a final trip to their home turf.

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The Warriors boarded the Q Train for their final subway ride on Sept. 13, reports RollingStone. The men who played Swan, Cochise, Vermin, Fox, and Cleon in the 1979’s cult flick joined together to travel down to Coney Island, where a celebration honoring their cult hit awaited them.

“These subways are different than they were in 1978,” Michael told RollingStone, and he’s right! The Big Apple was a much different place over 36 years ago. The Warriors captured the dangerous enviroment of the time. After it was released, Paramount temporarily halted its advertising campaign for the film after reports of vandalism and violence at screenings!

Though the Warriors were a fictional gang, they’ve inspired real life “social clubs,” many who were in attendance for the Sept. celebration! “We started it for the youth though,” one Warrior fan said, “because of all the gang violence that was happening in our town and what not. We tried to get all the youth to join us instead of joining real gangs.”

Though the film was financially successful, critics gave it mixed reviews. However, over the past 36 years, the movie has become an underground hit and continues to make new fans. “I see kids coming here, eight years old, and I go ‘How do you even know about this movie,'” Michael told RollingStone during the Coney Island event. Sadly, one of the film’s most noted stars, Roger Hill, passed away in 2014.

In The Warriors, the violent gangs of 1970’s New York City are called to a meeting by Cyrus, leader of the city’s most powerful gang. Cyrus proposes a truce among the warring factions, suggesting they unite to take over the city! Most of the gangs, including the Warriors, agree, but a member of the Rogues shoots Cyrus dead and frames the Warriors. The gang must make it safely back home to Coney Island, while facing attacks from the likes of the Turnbull ACs, The Orphans, the Baseball Furies and more.

Are you a fan of The Warriors, HollywoodLifers? Does seeing the cast recreate their ride home make you want to go watch the film?

— Jason Brow