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‘Miracle Baby’ Born On Cruise Ship At 23 Weeks Survives At 1.5-Pounds Thanks To Mom

Fri, September 25, 2015 2:48pm EDT by 2 Comments
Baby Born Premature Cruise
Image Courtesy of FOX

It was a miracle at sea. A precious baby boy was born four months premature on a Royal Caribbean cruise 100 miles from land. With the help of his mother’s quick thinking, he survived.

Emily Morgan, 28, a mother from Ogden, Utah, found herself in a scary situation while away on vacation. She went into early labor with her son Haiden,  who was born premature at only 23 weeks on Aug. 31.

With his chances of survival being between 15-30 percent, sweet Haiden has beat the odds. After being cleared by her doctors, Emily and her family boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise. On the second night at sea, she began to have contractions, according to The Washington Post.

Emily grew alarmed once she started bleeding, so medical personnel were summoned. They tried to get her to delay the delivery, but that was impossible. Within hours Emily gave birth to her 1.5-pound baby boy — 14 hours away from the nearest hospital.

Doctors told Emily she miscarried, and her son Haiden died and took him away. She refused to let him go without seeing him. “I remember I told them, ‘I want to see my son,’ ” she told the outlet. She told the staff, “I want to see him, I don’t care if he’s dead.”

Doctors returned and told her Haiden was alive, but barely holding on. Upon seeing her newborn son who lay swaddled in towels, her motherly instinct went into overdrive. She had staff changed the towels to keep him dry and they covered his head with a maxi pad – to stop him from losing too much heat. Emily then microwaved saline pouches and lined his towels to keep him warm.

Emily credits her boy’s strong lungs, a makeshift incubator and her cruise’s early arrival into a Puerto Rico dock. “The doctors really tell us that he’s a miracle baby,” Emily stated. “It’s a miracle he’s here.”

Our thoughts are with sweet little Haiden and we wish him a healthy recovery. Click here to donate to the Morgans GoFundMe page to help with their rapidly mounting medical expenses.

— Brittany King