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‘Are You The One’ Premiere Recap: Spin The Bottle Brings The Drama

Fri, September 25, 2015 12:01am EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Another season of ‘Are You the One?’ is here and the new twist is definitely bringing on the drama. This time, it’s not just about finding love — it’s about the love of money.

Night one of Are You the One? season three featured there was hooking up, screaming, and yes, the first truth booth. Right away, the cast — 10 men and 10 women — were informed that this time around, every week without a match, they lose $250,000. So if it happens four times, they win nothing. Let’s just say, the pressure. Was. On. But let’s get to the hooking up.

Right away we meet the crazy kids looking for loveMike, the male stripper is embarrassed about his job… but looking for love. He’s immediately attracted to Amanda (and her freckles) and by the end of night one, he’s telling her he’ll move to Colorado for her. Devin, who starts with meditation every morning, draws ladies in with that — and it works on Kiki. She actually has a bracelet that says “Perfect” and made one that says “Match” for whoever that is. And she thinks it’s Devin.

Another early connection is between Alec and Rashida. I mean Stacey. I mean Hannah. Yes, he kisses all three of them on night one, but to play devil’s advocate, the kiss with Hannah was just spin the bottle. The other two, he seemed actually interested in for a few minutes. After spin the bottle, Stacey absolutely flipped out on Alec and screamed at him in front of the whole house. Yes, this is still night one. She ended it (it being their apparent connection after 30 minutes).

It’s Challenge Time

For the first challenge of the show, the men had to guess who was who based on pics of the girls as kids; then vice-versa. Mike and Hunter, won dates for the men, and Melanie and Cheyenne won for the girls. Melanie picked Devin (which did not make Kiki happy); Cheyenne chose Chuck; Mike chose Hannah; (and not Amanda!); and Hunter took Kiki. The rest of the singles had to send one of the couples into the truth booth. Back at the house, Devin and Kiki were all over each other, saying they really just wanted to be together on a date.

Mike told Amanda the reason he didn’t pick her was because he already knows they’re each other’s matches, so they didn’t want to go into the truth booth on week one; Hannah knew too, and was ok with it. So with that, naturally Mike and Amanda went to bed together. So onto the date: they swam with dolphins, Cheyenne got seasick, Kiki and Hunter kissed underwater, and while they had a lot in common, it was Devin who gave her butterflies. Meanwhile, Devin admitted that in his past four relationships, he cheated on all four. Eek.

Hunter and Kiki were sent into the truth booth after the date, even though she said there was no actual connection. Luckily, they weren’t a match. So, who picked who in the first match ceremony?

And The Perfect Matches Are

Hannah picked Chuck
Rashida picked Tyler
Amanda picked Mike (after a screaming fight with Keke)
Melanie picked Devin (after talking sh-t about him; Devin liked the love triangle and Nelson called him out for saying he wanted to hook up with both.)
Chelsey picked Connor
Keke picked Austin (after being heartbroken by the new side of Devin)
Stacey picked Alec (even though they were already arguing, and he admitted he was telling her what he wanted to hear in the beginning.)
Brittany picked Hunter
Cheyenne picked Nelson
Kayla picked Zak (out of default)

So did anyone match? Just a reminder, for every week they have a black out (no matches), they loose $250,000. Luckily, this week there were two. Alright guys, are you loving this season as much as we are?

— Emily Longeretta