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John Boehner Wipes Tears From His Eyes As Pope Addresses Congress

Thu, September 24, 2015 12:03pm EDT by 1 Comment

House Speaker John Boehner couldn’t hide his emotions while Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of Congress on Sept. 22. A notorious crier, Boehner was seen wiping tears from his eyes during the historic speech.

Pope Francis addressing Congress was an emotional moment for John Boehner, who was instrumental in securing the Pope as the first pontiff to speak to the House and Senate. The House Speaker, who is a devout Catholic, shed tears while listening to his religious leader speak.

With Democrats and Republicans supporting different sides of the Planned Parenthood debate right now– nearly all Republicans in the House voted to stop federal funding, while Democrats mostly feel funding should continue — it was definitely an important time for the Pope to bring both groups together.

In his speech, Pope Francis reminded the House and Senate that their duty is to be a voice for the American people. He urged Congress, and the American population in general, to remember famous heroes in our history, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, while dealing with times of conflict and controversy, as the White House is right now.

“Our response must instead be one of hope and healing, of peace and justice,” he preached. “We are asked to summon the courage and the intelligence to resolve today’s many geopolitical and economic crises. Even in the developed world, the effects of unjust structures and actions are all too apparent. Our efforts must aim at restoring hope, righting wrongs, maintaining commitments, and thus promoting the well-being of individuals and of peoples. We must move forward together, as one, in a renewed spirit of fraternity and solidarity, cooperating generously for the common good.”

Pope Francis also discussed his views on treating all human beings with compassion, abolishing the death penalty, and making an effort to equalize the distribution of wealth. With his powerful words, it’s not surprising that anyone might get a little emotional, and John could be seen wiping his eyes and blowing his nose while seated behind the podium.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Boehner has gotten emotional in public. He cried when Rosa Parks’ statue was unveiled in 2013, and again at a ceremony honoring Winston Churchill later that year, among many other public appearances.

The Pope will leave Washington D.C. for New York City around 4 p.m., and upon his arrival to the Big Apple, he’ll lead mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He’ll spend Sept. 25 in NYC before heading to Philadelphia for the weekend on Sept. 26. It’s a Pope frenzy, everybody!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the Pope’s speech to Congress?

— Alyssa Norwin