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CJ Pearson: Teen Slams President Obama For Inviting Ahmed Mohamed To White House

Sat, September 19, 2015 11:22am EDT by 15 Comments
CJ Pearson President Obama Ahmed Mohamed White House
Courtesy of CJ Pearson/Getty Images

Teen conservative YouTube star CJ Pearson is livid with the support his fellow teen is getting from the leader of the country. In an inflammatory video now gone viral, CJ lashes out at the president for ignoring slain police — and uplifting one ‘Muslim kid.’

For CJ Pearson, 13, the plight of fellow teen Ahmed Mohamed, 14, is nothing compared to what the families of slain police officers in the United States are currently going through. In a viral video titled “Dear Mr. President and Ahmed,” captioned “Does every Muslim that can build a clock gets a presidential invitation?” CJ lined out why he’s enraged with President Obama for praising Ahmed — and allegedly doing nothing to support the police. Click through to see his impassioned speech.

“When cops are beaten and gunned down, you don’t invite [their families] to the White House; you never did,” CJ says, visibly angry, in his video posted on September 16. “But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? Well, ‘come on by.'”

“Mr. President, what are you priorities here? Because in all honesty, I think you’re ignorant, I think you’re incompetent, and I don’t think you understand reality,” CJ continued. “The reality of this situation is, you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock! I’m sorry, I hate to be harsh, but he’s a Muslim kid, he fits your agenda.”

Wow. Throughout the rest of the video, CJ blames President Obama for the killings of police officers and military members throughout the United States. And what he considers unacceptable: that Ahmed was invited to DC instead of these individuals families.

His anger was sparked by the tweet the president sent after Ahmed’s arrest on September 16 was made public, giving his support to the scientifically-minded kid who was arrested on suspicion of bringing a bomb to school; it was just a clock.

Ahmed was turned in by his teachers, given to police who interrogated him for hours without his parents or a lawyer present, and led him out of school in handcuffs. Many considered the incident to be a case of racial and cultural bigotry; Ahmed is Muslim, so his experiment was immediately perceived as a bomb instead of a clock. It’s just a terrible thing to occur to anyone, especially such a young teen.

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— Samantha Wilson