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‘Project Runway’: 2 Designers Go Home During Unconventional Challenge

Thu, September 17, 2015 10:31pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
project runway recap unconventional challenge
Courtesy of Lifetime

Time for an unconventional challenge! While the designers are supposed to merge the worlds of technology and fashion, not everyone nailed the task at hand — and one designer went home early, before it was even time for the runway. Read on for our ‘Project Runway’ recap right here.

The designers really set the bar high for the unconventional challenge on Project Runway this week, where they used outdated technology to create a modern, fashionable look — and I must say, I was really impressed with some of the looks the designers came up with! From computer keys to mouse pads, circuit boards, wires and polaroids, the designers rummaged through a dumpster to find the fabrics used for the challenge.

The contestants grabbed for everything from vinyl records to aluminum tubing and rolodexes, and packed as much as they could into shopping carts. While some were super excited about the challenge, other designers were dreading the unconventional task ahead of them.

Jake seemed out of sorts and was very quiet all day, and asked to speak to Tim. He broke down talking about his dog, which helped him through the loss of his parents, but he couldn’t allow them to terminate the dog’s life without saying goodbye. Tim got very emotional and completely understood, as Jake cried and said goodbye to the designers. So sad to see him go.

When Tim critiques the looks, he says that it has the potential to be the best unconventional challenge in the history of Project Runway — and I definitely have to agree. Heidi Klum calls it a spectacular runway show!

Now, on to the critiques. Nina Garcia calls Edmond’s woman futuristic and fashion-forward — and celeb judge Paula Patton wants to wear it! Zac Posen tells Swapnil his look belongs back in the garbage — ouch! They also weren’t impressed with Joseph’s dress. He tried to create something sexy but seemed to miss the mark.

“So creative, a dress made out of memories,” Nina says to Ashley. She seems to love everything about it, and I couldn’t agree more — personally, I’m dying to wear it. Ashley gets emotional when the judges praise her design. Kelly’s aluminum dress receives major praise from the judges — not only does it look like a real mini you can rock right from the runway, but the execution and the design was impeccable. Zac adds how beautiful it is to watch her style become more refined throughout the competition — she’s definitely the one to beat this week!

Lindsey gets emotional after her critique from the judges — she seems frustrated about the fact that they don’t ever seem to like what she designs. The fact that Swapnil won’t push himself and really display his potential angers the judges — and I can’t say I blame them. It is so unfortunate to see him waste the opportunity, especially because he’s so talented.

Kelly gets emotional when she wins — and it was so well deserved! It all comes down to Joseph and Lindsey — and this week it is Joseph’s time to go.

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Katrina Mitzeliotis