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‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Travis Desperately Tries To Get His Family Out Of LA — Watch

Fri, September 11, 2015 3:41pm EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

In this preview of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s third episode, it looks like Travis might have actually found a way to get his family out of dodge before it’s too late. But is he traveling with someone who has been infected? Click inside to WATCH.

On the Sept. 13 episode of Fear The Walking Dead, things appear to get dark pretty quickly. We catch up to Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his family, including son Chris (Lorenzo Henrie), as they finally make their way out of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they hit some bumps in the road — and one of their passengers may be on her way to walker land.

FTWD is finally back for their third episode on Sunday, Sept. 13, and that means we’re already halfway through the first season. In this preview of the episode, we learn that Travis gets out of the storefront he and his family were trapped in during episode two, and that things have drastically changed since he last stepped foot outside.

As you can see, Travis is driving his truck down a road rather slowly with his son, Chris, in the passenger seat. We get to see that his ex-wife is in the bed of the truck, along with the elderly couple that let them into the store in episode two. However, something is off about the whole thing… and it’s not that they are driving through chaos.

They pass an abandoned ambulance, and there are people running down the street towards where the police have set up some sort of a barricade outside of a hospital parking lot. Travis and his passengers are extremely concerned, especially when the police start shooting people — ahem, walkers — that are coming out of the building.

But here’s what’s off: the elderly woman is laying in her husband’s arms as if something is wrong with her. At the :59 mark she’s resting against his body, her hand clutching his along with what appears to be a rosary. Around the 1:19 mark you can see that she’s covered by something… possibly a blanket, or someone’s coat. I went back to re-watch the clip, and that’s when I noticed that at the :19 mark Travis’ ex-wife is holding a bloody bare foot in her hand. Is it safe to assume that the elderly woman has been bitten? And if so, why are they letting her travel with them? Doesn’t Travis know better?

I guess we’ll find out the answers to these questions on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 9pm ET on AMC.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is the woman bitten? Do you think that Travis and his family are in danger? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox