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Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Says Threesome Turned Her Into A $600 An Hour Call Girl

Thu, September 10, 2015 12:27pm EDT by 1 Comment
Who Is Suzy Favor Hamilton

Threesomes, rich clients, secret identities and the Olympics: Suzy Favor Hamilton’s memoir has it all. In her book, the former Olympian detailed her life as a Las Vegas call girl and how she became an escort in the first place. Here are five of the juiciest details you need to know!

For some athletes, nothing can top the rush of competing in the Olympics. For Suzy Favor Hamilton, 47, her Olympic career came in second while her time as a call girl took home the gold! In her new memoir, Fast Girl — A Life Spent Running from Madness, the former American runner dished the dirt on why she ended up working as an escort. Here are five of the most incredible details about her time as high-priced call girl!

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1. Before She Was A Call Girl, Suzy Ran In Three Olympics
Suzy raced in the 1992 games in Barcelona, at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and in the 2000 games in Sydney, Australia, reports the Daily Mail. Though she tried, she failed to take home an Olympic medal. Suzy retired from the track in 2005 to have a baby with her husband, Mark.

2. A Threesome With Her Husband Turned Her Into A Call-Girl

While celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas, Suzy suggested she and Mark have a threesome with a female escort named “Pearl.” The experience left Suzy completely changed! “Pearl had flipped a switch inside me, awakening a certainty that I could please clients even more than she’d pleased me,” Suzy wrote in her book, reports the New York Post.

3. Her First Client Was A Big Spender

Assuming the name Kelly Lundy, Suzy began her career as an expensive call girl. Her first client was a “47-year-old cowboy who was incredibly wealthy,” she wrote. “I’d taken him to the bed, showing him that I was the one in charge,” Suzy said, adding that he “liked it.” He certainly did, as he paid her twice her then-$500-an-hour rate! She bumped it up to $600 afterward!

4. Suzy’s Husband Knew About Her Career

Though Suzy called her time as Kelly “better than competing in the Olympics,” she kept her secret life hidden from the world. However, her husband knew all about it. He grudgingly allowed her to pursue this life as an escort, as she told him that she “had to do this if I was going to be happy.”

5. She Considered Suicide After She Was Found Out — But Got Help Instead

Suzy’s life as Kelly was discovered in 2012 and it nearly drove her to suicide. “I had shamed my parents, my husband, our family. It would be better if I were dead,” Suzy wrote. Instead, she followed Mark’s advice and got some professional help. She was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, and the former Olympian discovered that “risky sexual behavior” was a product of her mental disease. Suzy was then prescribed a medication that “finally quieted [her] mind.”

No longer a call girl, Suzy, Mark and their daughter now live in Madison, Wisconsin, and in Malibu, California, where she now teaches yoga. For all the details about her struggle and her life as Kelly, fans can read more in Fast Girl when it’s released on Sept. 14

Wow! What do you think about Suzy’s life as a call girl, HollywoodLifers? Are you going to pick up her book?

— Jason Brow