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Justin Bieber Freaks Out During ‘Today’ Show Performance — ‘I Might As Well Not Dance’

Thu, September 10, 2015 1:45pm EDT by 20 Comments

Careful, Justin Bieber — your mic is still on! During his performance on the ‘Today’ Show, the Biebs was seemingly a little frustrated with the lenses in his face, and got upset with a cameraman when he thought the show had cut to a commercial. Watch here!

With the rain pouring down, it wasn’t the ideal morning for an outdoor concert. But the show must go on, and Justin Bieber, 21, braved the rain to give his fans a show — but things didn’t go exactly as he planned. After singing “What Do You Mean?”, Justin must not have realized his mic was still on, because we totally ALL heard him freaking out to a cameraman about his placement RIGHT on live television. Yikes!

Before the show cut to commercial, viewers watching live caught part of the singer’s complaint, as he walked right up to the camera with his mic still on. “Next time I won’t dance,” he argued. “Because the camera’s right here the whole time. I might as well not even dance. What do I do this for if they’re just gonna…”

At that point, the screen actually does cut to an advertisement, but it was too late — we’d already heard it all. Of course, we can’t blame Justin for being a little frustrated! He’s trying to make a huge comeback right now and has been working SO hard on his vocals and dance moves while on a year-long break, so it makes sense that he’d want to show them off. Plus, the stage was already slippery wet, posing a danger to his sliding moves, so the extra pressure of the camera right in his face had to have been a bit much.

Plus, the 21-year-old himself has already admitted that he’s super self-conscious about things going wrong during his performances. In fact, that’s part of why he cried and got so emotional after he sang on the VMAs! “It was just so overwhelming for me,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “Everything, just — the performance…I missed some cues, so I was a little disappointed at that.”

Regardless of what happened after the singing, WE think Justin did an amazing job during his performance on Today, and we totally sympathize with him for wanting to get things just right. Don’t let this get you down, Justin — we saw ALL your dance moves and we loved ’em!

HollywoodLifers: What do you think of Justin’s freak out? Did you think his performance was good?

— Alyssa Norwin