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5 Tips From Selena Gomez’s Makeup Artist For A Hot Look In Minutes

Wed, September 9, 2015 2:39pm EDT by Dory Larrabee Add first Comment
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Gita Bass has worked with stars like Tina Fey, Ashley Greene, the Olsen Twins and Selena Gomez, so she really knows how to paint a face! Read her top 5 tips for sexy makeup using tools under $10 below!

Selena Gomez, 23, always looks amazing on the red carpet. Makeup artist Gita Bass, who has worked with Selena in the past, is revealing a few pro secrets so you can look flawless this fall!

Gita told

“I really am in love with Q-tips Beauty Rounds. I’ve used them to blend in foundation and eye shadows but they are especially great for make-up removal. After a long day, avoid a bacteria buildup by applying a generous amount of Simple Skincare Micellar Water onto a beauty round and wipe away make-up across the skin and eyes.”

Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water is ideal for both revitalizing and hydrating skin in the morning as well as removing makeup and cleansing at the end of the day. The product’s skin-loving triple-purified water is treated with a purification process to help minimize the potential for irritation and the micelle technology helps to dissolve impurities from dirt, oil and makeup with no rinsing required.”

Makeup Tips For Fall — An Expert Spills

Gita told us three things that make your makeup routine easier and faster:

“Primers: I think primers are the underdog of makeup. We all know to prime before we paint and the same should go for applying foundation. Finding the right shade is definitely important (which should always match the palm and not the back of your hand) but properly prepping your skin beforehand is even more so. A primer can not only hydrate and moisturize the skin, but also provides an ultra-smooth canvas for a look that will last.”

An eyelash curler: I’ve seen a lot of beauty gals skip this step but it is crucial if you’re going for that dramatic lash look. I think false lashes and extensions are a bit dated and using a curler will give you a much more natural, effortless look.  I prefer to use a metal lash curler. While plastic curlers may be a bit safer and a little less intimidating, I find they take more work and are less reliable.”

Q-Tips Precision TipsThese pointed tips are perfect for defining cat eyes. After you’ve applied a winged liner, dip the end of a precision tip in make-up remover to clean up any miscellaneous dots or uneven strokes for a strong, bold line.”

— Dory Larrabee-Zayas