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‘Once Upon A Time’: Hook & Zelena Fight With Magic In Epic Season 5 Promo — Watch

Tue, September 8, 2015 10:53am EDT by 2 Comments

Wicked! The more fans get to see of the upcoming season of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ the more excited we get … and the more questions we need answered! For example, this new promo shows the dashing Hook face-off against Zelena — but why?!

Is it Sep. 27 yet?! Oncers have been waiting ever so patiently all these loooong summer weeks to get to the season 5 premiere of Once Upon A Time. It’s poised to be perhaps the best season of the show yet, with good turning evil and evil facing off with foes never before challenged — like the Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Hook.

In the newly released promo for the premiere, you can see Hook confronting Zelena in her padded prison cell. Though she doesn’t look all that more pregnant than the last time we saw her, she does look quite a good more pissed off, as she rages against Hook with magic and throws him against her cell walls with green flashes of fury. Hmm… the Dark One isn’t going to be happy to hear about that.And by the Dark One, we of course mean Emma Swan, who at the end of last season became the new dagger-wielding bad guy to save Regina’s life. In the promo, it looks like her problems are just beginning as she encounters Merida pointing at arrow at her heart, King Arthur and his Knights, and her own mother, trying to control her ‘darkness’ with the dagger. As you can imagine, none of these scenarios seem to be going well.

Though we can’t be sure, it looks like by the time we get to the end of the premiere, Snow, Charming, Belle and the whole gang will be in Camelot with Emma. How they get there, however, remains to be seen — although I’d place my money on the earthquake type situation that can be seen happening at Granny’s. Get Season 4 Here!


Whoo! It all looks so good! Waiting 3 more weeks to finally see a new episode is rivaling Evil Queen levels of torture! Don’t you agree, Hollywoodlifers? Who are you most excited to see back in season 5?

— Dina Sartore-Bodo