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Kendall Jenner Quitting Modeling?: ‘Immense Pressure’ To Stay Skinny Is Misery

Tue, September 8, 2015 2:13pm EDT by 16 Comments

Kendall Jenner has been enjoying her modeling career and everything that comes with it. However, an insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that the pressure to stay skinny is causing Kendall to think twice about modeling!

The pressure is on for Kendall Jenner, 19. While the reality star has had a successful modeling career since she turned 18, an insider tells that Kendall isn’t enjoying the runway and high fashion photoshoots as much as she used to. The idea of dieting to keep her thin frame is starting to get to the 19-year-old and she’s contemplating quitting her modeling career all together!

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Kendall has always had a thin frame compared to her other sisters, but it doesn’t sound like being naturally thin is enough in the modeling world. “Kendall is feeling immense pressure to stay model skinny,” the insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Although Kendall has been blessed with amazing genes, she still has to diet and restrict what she eats to stay as skinny as she’s supposed to walk on runways and be in high fashion magazines. It’s really hard on her and sometimes she just feels like quitting all together.” A little exercise can help Kendall keep her thin frame if she wants to indulge every so often.

Over the summer, the young model has been hanging out with her sisters and although they do eat healthy, Kylie Jenner, 18, has been a total pain in Kendall’s butt when it comes to food. “Kylie eats whatever she wants and rubs it right in Kendall’s face,” the insider continued. “They will go out to eat and Kendall with order some Kale with only lemon juice as dressing while Kylie will order a pizza and ice cream for dessert, laughing the whole time at her sister’s misery.” Poor Kendall.

Kendall Jealous Of Kylie’s Edgy Hairstyles

Being free to eat whatever she wants isn’t the only thing Kendall is envious of. The 19-year-old is also jealous of her younger sister’s hairstyles! “Kendall is really jealous of Kylie’s freedom when it comes to her hair,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “She can go blue for a while, blonde, put it in cornrows, dreadlocks and cut it however she likes. Kendall has been told that designers and advertisers really like her long straight black hair and that she shouldn’t mess with it. She won’t get the top notch modeling jobs if she has bleached or blue hair.” That could very well be the reason why Kendall decided to throw on a blonde wig just for fun!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kendall quit modeling because of the pressure to stay skinny?

— Michelle Phi, reporting by Tim Plant