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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: 12 People Head Home — & 1 Break Up Will Shock You

Sun, September 6, 2015 10:02pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 7 Comments

Part one of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ finale has arrived — and that meant everyone had to figure out if they were really in relationships that would continue in the real world.

We started this week’s Bachelor In Paradise with four solid sure-thing couples: Jade and Tanner, Carly and Kirk, Joshua and Tenley, and Jared and Ashley I. Then there was the sorta couple, Mikey and Juelia. The rest were pretty much single: Dan, Nick, Amber, JustinSam, Mackenzie, Jaclyn, Chelsie, and Ashley S. Yes, that’s 19 people, and tonight the 20th arrived. But by the end of it, we were down to just TEN. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The first couple to call it quits was Mikey and Juelia — he told her he didn’t want to fake it and thinks she’s amazing, but it was more of a friendship. With that, she left to get back to her daughter. And then there was Ashley and Jared. He agreed to spend the night in the fantasy suite, and she seemed pretty open to losing her virginity to Jared; while we never got a straight answer if they did or didn’t sleep together, it seemed like a no.

Afterward, he pulled her aside the next night, and told her that he wasn’t feeling He actually left right then, and (no surprise here) she was a mess. However, through tears, she said to him, “Thank you for making me realize that the total package exists.” I mean, if there’s a sweeter compliment out there, I haven’t heard it.

You Lose Some, You Win Some

Meanwhile, Jaclyn chose Justin for her date. However, the newcomer arrived right after: Cassandra (from Juan Pablo‘s season) stole Justin’s eye right away. Plus, they’re both single parents. So when she asked him on her date, he admitted he was more attracted to her that Jaclyn, so he pretty much told Jaclyn JK about their date. With that, Jaclyn gave her date card to Nick (after he literally rolled around in the sand) so that he could ask out Samantha.

Cassandra and Justin totally connected on their date and basically found in one date, what everyone spent the summer looking for, and it seemed like Samantha and Nick did as well — but who knows with Sam right? Carly put it best:

And The Rose Goes To…

As for a cocktail hour, well, it was canceled by Chris Harrison. Right before the rose ceremony, Ashley I. told everyone that she was going to head home, and that she would live by Tenley’s “whimsical attachment” — which means you find someone with all the qualities you want, but it doesn’t work. However, it does teach you what you want in someone, which will help you in the future. She knew that her heart was still completely broken by Jared, so out she went.

Heading into the rose ceremony, the men were instructed to only give roses to women who they could see a serious relationship with.

Kirk chose Carly
Tanner chose Jade
Nick chose Samantha
Joshua chose Tenley
Justin chose Cassandra
Dan chose not to give his rose to anyone, since he didn’t find love. (RESPECT!)
Mikey chose Mackenzie, to try and get to know her — but she told him there was nothing there and left. So, out he went as well.

If you’re counting, Jaclyn, Ashley S., Mackenzie, Chelsie, Amber, Mikey, and Dan all went home at the rose ceremony. Ashley I., Jared, and Juelia went home before. Yes, that’s ten people.

Just When You Thought You Were Happy

Chris Harrison showed up, again, after the rose ceremony to tell the final five couples to ask the tough questions about what was next. He sent each couple on a one-on-one date and a fantasy suite.

Everyone was THRILLED — except Kirk, who dropped a bomb on Carly: he had been going through the motions for the last couple of days, and wasn’t in the same place as she was. Yes this was right after she told him he “was her person.”

After watching so many seasons of this, Kirk’s conversation with Carly may be the most painful one I’ve ever seen. You guys, I got emotional. You could seriously feel her pain, and clearly Jade could, too — she was crying for her friend, too! And with that, Carly did not want to hear any more, so she went home, and Kirk did, too.

In case you were counting, that’s a total of twelve people eliminated in one night. That’s got to be some sort of record. What do you think of Kirk’s decision, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta