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‘The 100’ Season 3: Is Clarke The New Leader Of The Grounders? — First Pic

Thu, September 3, 2015 5:41pm EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments
The 100 Clarke Grounder
Courtesy of Twitter

Whoa. In the very first still from ‘The 100’s third season, it looks like Clarke has abandoned the Sky People forever — and joined The Grounders.

Eliza Taylor, 25, looks completely different in this first look at The 100‘s upcoming third season, set to premiere in 2016. Does this mean she’s given up on her friends and family — known on the show as the “Sky People” — for good?

If this is where Clarke’s future is headed, then that means the new season of The 100 is sure to be a wild ride. Creator/Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg shared this photo of actress Eliza Taylor in character as Clarke, and as of right now it’s the only sneak peek we have of the upcoming season. So, what does it mean?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, The Grounders, who were already living on earth when the Sky People crashed there, are distinguishable because they paint their faces. As you can see above, Clarke is wearing what looks like a painted on mask across her eyes. Plus, her hair is done up in braids to keep it clean and out of her face, which is another signature Grounder look.

As many The 100 fans might remember, season two ended with Clarke leaving her people behind after they defeated Mount Weather. However, this move seemed to be influenced by the fact that her friend, Lexa (a grounder), forfeit the fight against the Mountain Men and left Clarke and the Sky People to fend for themselves. Now, after spending so long fighting for freedom, putting her friends and family in danger, and sacrificing relationships to win a war, Clarke needs to figure out who she really is. By the looks of the above still, she thinks she’s a Grounder.

What will really be interesting about season three is whether or not Lexa returns. Clarke and Lexa had a bit of a romantic connection going on, especially after they shared that kiss in the cave. But, it’s worth pointing out that the actress who plays Lexa — Alycia Debnam-Carey — is now a main cast member on Fear The Walking Dead.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you excited for season 3 of The 100? Do you think Clarke will make a good leader? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox