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Niall Horan Mocks Kanye West, Claims He’s Running For President In 2020 — Watch

Thu, September 3, 2015 11:58am EDT by 8 Comments

So basically everyone is running for president in 2020. During a recent stop on the One Direction concert tour, Niall Horan took a cue from Kanye West and announced his presidential candidacy!

This is without question the best thing you will see today. At their concert in Philadelphia on Sept. 1, One Direction paid tribute to the location by rapping the entire theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Seriously. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, Niall Horan then went on to oh, ya know, just casually announce that he’s running for president! And of course, we’ve got it all on video, because the Internet is glorious. Skip to around the 1:40 mark to watch the magic. Take that, Kanye WestTo hear more about the One Direction breakup drama, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

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The moment would have been jaw dropping on its own even without Niall’s announcement– but that was a definite bonus. The boys asked the crowd if they were familiar with a little show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which, as you can imagine, they were. When the crowd erupted into cheers, it was settled: the boys were going to rap the iconic theme song.

All four guys were being seriously goofy, however, when it was time to bust out the rap, they pulled it together. Be honest, when the entire arena was rapping alongside the guys, you got chills. Also, admit that you totally sang along (it’s fine, we all did).

Anyways, right when the guys finished, and you basically can’t believe what you just witnessed, it gets even more surreal. “I’m gonna be president in 2020,” Niall exclaims. Obviously, with that announcement, the screams from the audience become basically deafening. Looks like you’ve got quite a few supporters already, Niall!

While we hope Niall is serious about that White House run (despite the fact he wasn’t born in the United States), he is more likely spoofing Mr. West who, during his bizarre acceptance speech at this year’s Video Music Awards, also said he’d be running for president in the 2020 election.

Not sure how great a world leader either Kanye or Niall would be but, in all seriousness, they’d be infinitely better than Donald Trump. Think about it!

— Casey Mink